Have you ever wondered if you should consider YouTube ecommerce marketing?

Whether you are a boutique ecommerce company, a handcrafter, a small batch creator, an artisan, or a large e-commerce company, this video can help you get started with YouTube ecommerce marketing.

Content for YouTube Ecommerce Marketing

When we talk about YouTube ecommerce marketing with our clients the place that they always get hung up is what content marketing for small business means for them..  Here is a rule of thumb. If you already have video on Instagram or your Facebook accounts, you can repurpose that video and use it on YouTube. The reason you want to be on YouTube is it is almost like Google’s second search engine. YouTube is important to Google, so the more video you can have out there the more likely it is that you will be found not only on YouTube but potentially on Google as well.


Example of Good Content on YouTube

When we look at the landscape of YouTube ecommerce marketing, The Memory Box Candle Company does a rather good job with content. Here are several different types of content that this business presents:

  • How-to content

  • Reviews

  • Answering common questions (This business owner understands that a lot of her audience is probably starting to make their own candles. See how I make my wax melts.)

  • Product labeling

  • Packing Etsy orders

  • Behind the Scenes (not only how to make candles, but describing her internal processes)

From what I can tell, this business owner is capturing all these videos with her cell phone camera. You do not even need the fancier thumbnail to get started.  You can take old videos that you put on Facebook (if they are still relevant) and repurpose them and bring them over to your YouTube channel. These types of content should inspire you as an artisan or small-batch creator on how you can use YouTube marketing for your eCommerce business.

Community Engagement on YouTube

Many of our clients are really into zero waste and you can find other people on YouTube who are talking about zero waste to get involved in conversations. It is important to get involved in dialogue with topics that are key to your business. As you spend time doing this, you start to build a community around interests that are like yours.

Jump to the part of my video where I type in zero waste to see what comes up.

When you find an interesting video, scroll down, and read comments. You, yourself might want to add a comment as your brand. While viewing comments you will see what people are saying. There might be potential customers who might become interested in your products that you can also engage with directly. Another idea is if you have a blog on your website that talks about “How to Go Zero Waste” you might put that in a comment with a “Hey, here are some additional resources…”.


How to be Successful with YouTube Ecommerce Marketing

Here at BeeSmart Social Media, we have been using video for quite a while now. We have seen the benefit of connecting to our ideal customers. It almost feels like 1-1 marketing. If for no other reason than that– that is a good enough reason to get onto YouTube. Here are some basic goals to get you jump-started:

  • Make a goal of putting one or two videos out there a month

  • Repurpose video content you already have

  • Take a video of some behind the scenes content

  • Your customers would like to hear from the founder and the people behind the scenes making your products

  • Spend 15-20 minutes a week searching for and engaging with conversations

You can use all of these insights to create dynamic content.  Once you get good at it, you will start to see not only your YouTube video views grow, but channel subscriptions, and you may start to bring in customers from YouTube as well.

If you want to get a little bit deeper into YouTube marketing for eCommerce businesses, please feel free to reach out.

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