You’re Doing It Wrong – Small Business Social Media

You’re Doing It Wrong – Small Business Social Media

When discussing small business social media for your business, have you ever said something like this:

“I don’t care what restaurant people visit for dinner.”


“I don’t care what movie people see over the weekend.”


“I don’t need to know when you wake up, go to sleep, etc.”

Sound familiar? If you utter these words, you may miss out on what social media CAN do for your business.

You’re Doing It Wrong

Yes, people discuss restaurants, movies, TV, sports, family issues, work issues, and a plethora of other topics. If that keeps your small business off of social media, you may need to change your perspective.

Most of the time, the “I don’t care” statement stems from an uncertainty about social media marketing. It is an overwhelming topic, with a breadth and depth of information that rivals Quantum Physics. So many social networks, so little time. Most business owners, already strapped for time, cannot add learning about social media marketing onto their full plate. Because of this, many business owners use the “I don’t care” excuse to validate their reasons for why their business is not active on social media marketing.

There are two reasons this uncertainty leads to the “I don’t care” mentality.

Point Missed

Business owners with uncertainty about how social media marketing works miss the point entirely.

Here’s the thing – You can control what your business shares on social media. Your business does not need to post about those irrelevant items mentioned above.  All of that content you don’t care about? Don’t share it on your business social media accounts. It’s that simple.

Also, just because your business is on social media, does not mean you must be personally active on social networks. We have many clients whose businesses are active on social media, but they (personally) are not. While being personally active on social networks will help you better understand how it all works, it isn’t a requirement for business owners.

Finally, if you don’t like what someone posts, you can unfollow/unfriend/block them. You are not forced to read pointless updates – you have a choice in the content you consume.

Standing by the “I don’t care” objection means you miss the point. Business social media marketing has nothing to do with sharing irrelevant information; it’s about becoming a trusted resource and building a community of loyal followers.

Incorrect Assumptions

Another reason uncertainty leads to the “I don’t care” objection? It fuels incorrect assumptions. The social media assumption that everyone uses the internet the same way you do is an incorrect one. We get that you may not care, but others may care. Your potential clients may care, too.

Even if everyone actually doesn’t care about that ONE post, your potential clients will continue to use social media in a variety of ways. Your potential clients may see an irrelevant post, but that one irrelevant post does not keep them off of social networks. The average Facebook user spends 40 minutes PER DAY on the social network.

Why does all of this matter?

Missed Opportunities

We have seen many businesses miss opportunities because of inactivity on social media. Missed opportunities have included new clients, speaking engagements, press coverage, and other business growth activities most business owners work very hard to gain.

The biggest missed opportunity when a business owner doesn’t implement social media? Branding. Through social media marketing, a business can build a reputation as a responsive, and helpful, leader in its field. Social media can help you build the kind of branding you want for your business.

By ignoring social media, your business will also miss the opportunity to company name keyword searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Most small business owners have had many conversations about the business website ranking well on those search engines. What many small business owners don’t realize, when talking about search engine rankings, is that a lot of your website traffic comes from company name keyword searches. If your website does not use social media to dominate searches for the company name, what shows up on those searches after your website?

Sometimes review sites like Yelp, and sometimes your competitors. Do you want to roll the dice on what comes up for your company name searches?

We thought so.

So how do you, the small business owner strapped for time, overcome your own objections to, and uncertainty about, social media?

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

To overcome your own objection to social media, first you must recognize holding onto that objection does not best serve your business. Then invest some time learning about social media marketing for small businesses in your industry.  There are many free blogs,webinars, local seminars, and other resources on the topic.  Also review what your competitors do on social media to identify unique opportunities for your business.

Once more educated on the topic, you will be better prepared to determine if social media marketing makes sense for your business, and how to best implement it into your marketing plans.

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