Why is a target audience important?

When people ask me the number one secret to a successful business, to a successful marketing campaign, you know what that is?  It is really knowing your target audience.

I am not just talking about the demographics like age, gender, location, income, and if they are parents or not.

Demographics are important, but…

Why is a target audience important? It’s more than just demographics

Knowing what tv shows they like, what music they listen to, where they hang out. Those types of things are particularly important. I would argue more important than your traditional demographic knowledge.


Knowing your target audience is crucial. It impacts everything from messaging, to who you show ads to, to what you say on your website, to how you serve your audience.

It helps you know what language to speak. It helps you speak their language and get your message across even more effectively.

So, how do you start? My best advice is to ask your favorite customers. Ask your best customers four questions. I will put a list of questions you can start with in the comments.

Having these conversations with your best customers will start to lead you down the path towards being able to target all of your marketing more effectively. It will help you to really know your audience and who they are at their core.

If you have any questions about target audience, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to help guide you and help identify who those people are.