Why BeeSmart Social Media Exists

Why PageWe help level the playing field for entrepreneurs, so they can get in the game with bigger business.

BeeSmart Social Media exists for one simple reason: we believe in the little guys.

The entrepreneurs and micro-business owners that work hard, every day, to run their business. We want them to succeed.

More than that, we want to help them succeed. This goes beyond the services we offer and gets to the core reason BeeSmart Social Media exists today.

Why We Exist

We believe in the American Dream – the dream that anyone can start a business, run it for years, support their family, and be a big part of the community in which they live. We believe their work matters.

We exist to help the little guys and gals compete in the marketplace.

We exist to help the underdog win.

The American Dream is why we’re here, and what keeps us going. We believe in providing affordable marketing services to anyone with determination and perseverance who starts a company that adds value to their life, their family, and their community.

We exist to help our clients turn that dream into a reality.

Why This Matters to Us

We’re one of you. Our founder is an entrepreneur. She spent several years working for corporate America, but never felt fulfilled in her work. She helped the extremely wealthy increase their wealth, but always thought, “There has to be more than this.”

It was this unfulfilled desire for something more that led her to start BeeSmart Social Media, and has brought us full circle today.

We exist to help entrepreneurs and micro-business owners effectively run their business in a way that keeps them in the game with their bigger (and wealthier) competitors.

Entrepreneurs run the country, and we feel it’s of utmost importance to help keep them going.

We Start with Why

A few years ago, our clients were mostly medium-sized businesses with medium-sized budgets to spend on social media marketing. We were quite successful serving them, but something felt off.

We felt like another cog in the wheel. We felt we weren’t making a true impact on the lives of the people who worked for our clients, or the community around them. Something had to change.

We also recognized the need in companies with fewer than 10 employees  for the same types of services we delivered to medium-sized companies.

We heard it all the time at networking events and speaking engagements from entrepreneurs and micro-business owners:

I need help with social media, but I can’t afford $500 a month (or more) for your services.

There was not a sustainable way for entrepreneurs and micro-business owners to access affordable social media marketing services.

Then our founder read Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why. She realized BeeSmart was not operating based on its Why, and that was the reason things felt off.

So, she set out to fix BeeSmart Social Media, and to follow the true Why of the company.

What Happened Next

Our entire business model changed. We decided to get back to our Why – leveling the playing field to help entrepreneurs and micro-businesses succeed.

There was a serious need in the entrepreneurial community for affordable social media services. BeeSmart Social Media was poised to fill that need. We set out to create a service offering specifically designed for entrepreneurs and micro-businesses. A service that would fit their marketing needs AND their marketing budgets.

And that’s exactly what we accomplished. We created low-cost social media marketing plans starting at $75/month. We want it to be easy to do business with us, so all of our plans are no-contract, cancel at any time.

In a few sentences…

We level the playing field for entrepreneurs and micro-business owners to help them compete. How do we do this? We implemented an efficient delivery system designed to help them reach more people and make more connections with potential customers. We also celebrate vulnerability and discourage arrogance, which helps us all work together as a team.

The end result is affordable, worthwhile social media services for $75/month.

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