How to Create Video for Social Media Marketing


How to Create Video for Social Media Marketing

In about 30 minutes, you can create video for social media marketing.


With a few images, a handful of statements, and the right software.

And no, you don’t have to record yourself on the screen if you don’t want to.


Why Should You Create Video for Social Media Marketing?

Video is, hands down, the most consumed content online these days. From streaming sites like Netflix, to short explainer videos from small businesses, it’s a preferred form of content for many.

Even if you prefer to read your content, that doesn’t mean your target audience does. 


With the recent Facebook algorithm change, video is your best shot at being seen organically (not paid with ads) on that social network. It’s also one of the best ways to get your content seen on most of the other social platforms, as well.

Video for social media marketing helps you tell your story in a different way. It gives you options to quickly, and effectively, explain content. You will almost always see more engagement, and more interest, from video for social media marketing than any other type of content.

The problem is, most small business owners are overwhelmed with the idea of creating video for social media marketing. The good news is, you’re reading this!

Gathering Elements to Create Video for Social Media Marketing

The first thing to know is, this requires some type of software. We really like Wave.Video because it’s easy to use, and it has a lot of stock images and music you can use.


For the purposes of this blog, we’re assuming you are not recording a video of yourself talking. Those tend to perform a little better, but many of our clients don’t want to be on camera. It also takes a little more time if you go that route.

Sidebar: If you are recording a video of yourself on camera, refer to our blog about LinkedIn Videos. That blog is geared towards LinkedIn,  but you can apply those same rules when you’re on camera.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a video for social media marketing:

  • Software.
  • The overall topic of the video.
  • 3-5 short statements about the topic.
  • What you’d like people to do after they watch the video.

How to Create Video for Social Media Marketing

Make sure you have the items gathered in the above list, and then you’re ready to get started.

Whichever software you use will likely have fantastic tutorials that will walk you through how to make a video. If you decide to use Wave’s platform, they have much more information about how to use their software than we could ever fit on one blog post.

Here are a few example videos we’ve created on Wave’s platform.

How often to make a video for social media marketing

While it’s ideal to get into the habit of creating video for social media marketing, this answer really depends on your availability. If you can create one video a month, that’s a great place to start, and it feels manageable for most of our clients.

Why Does Video for Social Media Marketing Matter?


Video for social media marketing gives you a quick way to relay a lot of information, and it’s more likely to engage your audience than any other form of content in the market today.

Video can help your company rise above the noise on social media. 

If you’d like to learn more, and learn how we can create videos for you, reach out!

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