4 BIG Upcoming Social Media Trends

Alright, folks – buckle up for these 4 BIG upcoming social media trends. So much has changed in social media – big things. Did you think Twitter was over?  Think again. If you rely on LinkedIn for, well, anything – you definitely want to watch this whole video. If Instagram is a big part of your marketing strategy, get ready to record everything.

And TikTok may be the up-and-coming hiring tool.

We need to talk about these 4 BIG upcoming social media trends.

Let’s GO.

What you need to know about these upcoming social media trends

First up – Instagram. Instagram recently announced they are going to “experiment with how they embrace video more broadly.”

What does this mean for you? Share more videos. I think this could be a risky move for the network, but no matter what, when a social network says they are going to “embrace” something more broadly, that is something to pay attention to. So share more videos.

4 Big upcoming social media trends women video

Next on the list of upcoming social media trends, TikTok.

TikTok may be your next recruiting platform for new staff members. They announced their resume platform recently. Right now, this is a pilot program – which means it may or may not continue.  The differentiator here? It’s all about video resumes. You can go to tiktokresumes.com to learn more.

What does this mean for you? Keep tabs on this social media trend; if it becomes available to small businesses, it may completely change how we hire. I’d get a brand account on TikTok, just to be safe for now.

If you have people in your life looking for remote jobs, they should definitely check it out.

LinkedIn Stories is part of the big upcoming social media trends

LinkedIn Stories came out recently –Both personal profiles AND Linkedin Company Pages can share stories.

What do I think? I have a hunch that these stories might replace Live videos on the channel. But it won’t save the social network. With TikTok dipping its toe into resumes and recruiting, and with some Twitter knowledge I’m about to drop on you…if you haven’t started moving away from LinkedIn, please do so. A great strategy MIGHT be to milk the LinkedIn stories while you can and get your connections on there to follow you somewhere else.

And finally, our last upcoming social media trend: Twitter is rolling out business profiles.

This last upcoming trend is still in beta testing, but it’s worth noting here.

What does this mean for you? I would be hesitant to change my personal profile to a business profile there, but this is something to watch. Twitter has some other changes on their roadmap that indicate it will make a bigger play towards becoming THE business social network.  After years of being Facebook’s little brother, Twitter may finally go for something that Facebook has yet to master – becoming the next business social network, and forcing LinkedIn to become this decade’s MySpace.

Alright – well there you have it. Lots of changes, both in a practical application right now, and also things to watch. I hope you enjoyed this video, and let me know if you have any other questions!