Transitional Marketing Strategy

What is Transitional Marketing Strategy?

Companies and brands often go through a major transition every 3-5 years. It could be a shift in messaging, marketing avenues, services, the industry, client type, products, or leadership that starts the transition. It could also include launching a spin-off company or brand.

When a major shift happens in a company, the marketing strategy also needs to go through a major change to keep up with the transition.

A transitional marketing strategy helps a company transition from where the company is now to where the company wants to go, based on the shifts happening. It provides a roadmap to make the change, as well as how to achieve the desired results for the newer version of the company (after the transition).  The transition may be a major change in product pricing, target audience, voice, company structure, or any other major shifts. This includes the launch of a spin-off brand.

A spin-off brand is the result of an established brand launching a new company to sell a new product or service related to the existing products or services of the established brand. However, the new company’s offerings vary enough from the original company to warrant its own, unique branding.

For example, if a high-end, traditional jewelry store started selling officially licensed jewelry featuring the logo of various colleges, the college jewelry could be considered a spin-off brand.

A spin-off brand marketing strategy maximizes the knowledge and resources that have been built by/on the original company, while also accounting for the unique marketing needs of the new brand.

How Transitional Marketing Strategy Helps a Company

Going through a major transition in a company takes lots of time and can be quite stressful, and that’s before the marketing plans get thrown into the mix. It’s often beneficial to have a team with an outside, unique perspective to ask the right questions, poke holes in theory, and then draft a marketing plan to help achieve the goals.

When you’re “in” a major brand transition, sometimes it’s difficult to see the big picture. That’s when working with outside consultants and strategic partners help ensure that the shift stays on track and continues a positive trajectory.

A major brand change usually requires a lot of resources – both time and money.  Without a new marketing strategy, though, brands likely won’t see the return on the shift they were hoping to see. That’s why it’s important to do it right, right from the start. Working with outside experts can ensure this happens.

We effectively help our clients hit the ground running, no matter the change, with updated or new messaging and tactics to help achieve its goals.

What Companies Benefit from Transitional Marketing Strategy?

Any company who has been in business for at least 3 years and is going through a major transition, including a brand spin-off launch, will benefit from a transitional marketing strategy.

We also find companies who have been in business for at least 5 years and haven’t had a messaging and marketing overhaul in a while will benefit from a transitional marketing strategy, even if their company and brand haven’t changed that much.

In terms of specific industries, this is one of those “everyone needs it” items, if they fall into the above situations.

BeeSmart’s Transitional Marketing Strategies Approach

The end deliverable is a strategy document that includes quite a bit of information in 3 distinct categories – messaging, target audience analysis, and tactical implementation plans to achieve the objectives. To get to this, though, we do the following:

  • Interview leaders in the business.
  • Ask the right questions to get the information we need to complete the strategy and to challenge the leaders to think through the shift with a different perspective.
  • Research – industry, competitors, audience, marketing methods, and many more items.
  • Compile a detailed document with our best recommendations for brand messaging shifts and marketing efforts. This document can be quite robust, so we also summarize our work in a one-page, executive summary.
  • Deliver and discuss the strategy document – change if needed.
  • Refer to suggested service providers for various parts of the strategy, if requested by client.

If your company is going through a major change, or if you see one on the horizon, reach out to us. BeeSmart would love to be a part of the strategic team that helps you through the transition and take the marketing worries off your plate.