Timing VS Polish

Timing VS Polish

Social media marketing requires planning. A strong strategy, engaging brand message, and great content produce successful social media campaigns. Planning great content takes time, energy, and a fair amount of polish. Adding keywords, a snappy title to a blog post, Photoshop the pictures taken, edit the video footage, etc. You get the idea. It takes a fair amount of polish to create great content.

But sometimes, timing takes priority over polish. For some companies, the idea of posting an “unpolished” status update may cause stress and confusion. Larger companies may require an approval process for each status update. However, sometimes this process should be thrown out the window.

For example, when major world events occur, time is of the essence in posting about it. If a company waits too long to post, it becomes irrelevant. An example of this includes sporting events. If it fits within their overall social media strategy, a company should congratulate the Little League World Series Champs right way. Waiting even 24 hours to do so makes that status update irrelevant.

Another example includes internal company news relevant to the outside world. If a company needs to announce a product recall, time is of the essence to release that information as soon as possible. For social media, timing takes priority over polish in this case as well.

A timely status update should go through a brief polishing phase, but the importance of the post timing should not get sacrificed because of the polishing process. Ultimately a company should strive to find a balance, and know there are special times when a status update should receive less polish in order to post it faster.

In our world, we consider timing a great equalizer. No one can bottle time, and often perfect timing leads to great rewards. What are your thoughts on timing vs. polish?

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