Strategies for ecommerce success for Signal Booster relied in several tactics, including social media marketing and ecommerce advertising. Read on to learn what strategies for ecommerce success we implemented for this client.

366% Traffic Increase

Website traffic from Facebook & Instagram increased 366% when comparing the same timeframe before the ads ran.

Better Traffic

Not only did traffic increase from social channels, but it was better traffic. These visitors spent more time on site and had a lower bounce rate than other traffic sources.

3.3% Conversion Rate

Sales conversion rate on the ads of 3.3% was well above the normal conversion rate from other website traffic (under 1%).

Retargeting Works

The ads narrowly targeted the “right” audience to ensure people who really needed the products were shown the ads.

619% ROI

The results speak for themselves. Signal Booster has seen direct sales from the ads, bolstering their revenue during Covid-19.

Ongoing Project

Signal Booster is pleased and is continuing the project. They are considering investing more in this campaign.

Strategies for Ecommerce Success, a Project Brief

What strategies for ecommerce success does a thriving ecomm company use? Ecommerce advertising. An established brand that focuses on customer service and offers generous guarantees on their products, Signal Booster turned to BeeSmart for help. With a specific set of products to promote, BeeSmart created social ads that has helped the company grow their online sales.


  • Quick turnaround

  • Overcoming competitor noise

  • Customers who price-shop

  • No retargeting system


  • Collaboration

  • Creative advertising

  • Focused messaging

  • Created retargeting system

“Looks great! Normal website conversion is under 1%. Thank you!” Nick, Marketing Director

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Creating Strategies for Ecommerce Success – Skills Needed

BeeSmart used a unique set of skills for this project and came up with strategies for ecommerce success. Balancing creativity with calls to action that would convert in a saturated market, the BeeSmart team came up with ad variations that would attract attention. We also created a remarketing process to maximize those who had already visited the website. Combining Facebook’s platform with the website system used by the client, BeeSmart has been able to generate sales of the products the client wanted to sell during the pandemic.

Social Advertising

About Signal Booster

Signal Booster sells smartphone reception and Wi-Fi signal boosters for homes, cars, buildings, offices, and various other vehicles. Their products garner good reviews, and they stand by those products through customer service and a robust guarantee program. Signal Booster has been a client of BeeSmart since 2016, and we look forward to continuing the working relationship.

BeeSmart’s Perspective

We enjoy working with the Signal Booster team to implement strategies for ecommerce success. They are fairly hands-off, and trust our advice in most areas of online marketing. The relationship has grown over the years, from posts to only Facebook, to several other marketing outlets. We’re excited to be a part of the journey with them, to continue to be the ecommerce social media marketing experts they trust.

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