Here are our Social Media Trends 2021 and Predictions

These are some of my overall opinions of what I am seeing and what I am anticipating coming down the line for Social Media trends 2021.

Social Media Trends 2021: Influencers and Brand Advocates

Collaboration partners like influencers or brand advocates are becoming big for pretty much every type of business. Even B2B businesses are using influencers to grow their followings, networks, and their businesses. Influencer marketing used to be just for big brands that had big budgets. Over the past few years, we have seen even smaller businesses be able to make use of ecommerce influencer marketing and now we are actually seeing that transition over to the B2B world as well.


You may want to start thinking about who you would like to have as a brand advocate or an influencer for your brand no matter what your business does.

Do you have a lot of followers on Instagram or one of the other social platforms like LinkedIn? On the flip side of #1, if you are in a position where you can turn yourself into an influencer or a brand advocate you might have an opportunity to make a little money doing that.

Social Media Trends 2021: Facebook iOS 14

The other big news story that you have probably heard about is Facebook iOS 14. Facebook has made a lot of noise about how this update is going to impact how social media functions for apple product users. Basically, the iOS 14 update is going to make it so that people who have that phone system cannot see certain ads. This is going to change how we use social media.  It is going to change how businesses market on social media and also how users use it. This update sounds like it might be challenging for businesses who use social and tracking mechanisms to track their followers over the internet.

It is too early for us to say if iOS 14 is going to be good or bad.

I could see where an iOS 14 user might have a better user experience and therefore be on social media even more than they have been. A risk is that those who have iOS 14 they will still be shown ads but the ads might be so irrelevant to them that it just kicks them off the platform. There is a lot of up in the air.  We are not quite sure exactly how it will turn out, but we know this is an important 2021 social media trend that will impact how businesses use social media for marketing.

Social Media Trends for 2021: Email Lists

I have talked about this before, but it’s more important in social media trends 2021. You should always be focused on growing your email list and growing assets that you own. It is even more important now with all of these changes that are happening on social. No matter what happens to Facebook, no matter what happens to Twitter or to LinkedIn, you still own that email list asset. And that is something you can take with you no matter what.

2021 Social Media Trends: Regulation

Lastly, I am expecting a lot more social media regulation. In my opinion, this is probably a good thing. I know it might sound weird me saying that. But I think anything that makes the ultimate end-user experience better can benefit the business. So, if that is what regulations do, that will probably benefit business ultimately. With the political fallout over the fall and things like fake news that you see pop up on social, I anticipate that we are going to have more regulation over not just social networks but probably Google coming up soon.


Those are some 2021 Social Media Trends that you should be aware of. Again, a lot of it is my opinion but I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve seen these types of things develop over the years.  Be aware of the takeaways here: be on the lookout for influencers for your business, consider trying to grow yourself as an influencer, and finally, continue to grow your email list. That is an asset you can take with you anywhere.

From all of us here at BeeSmart Social Media we really appreciate your support and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out! thanks