Social Media Testimonials

Yeah, we know. Testimonial pages on websites tend to be a little “braggy.” But to really understand what it’s like working with BeeSmart Social Media, who better than our clients to share their story?

Social Media Testimonials by Our Clients


“Hey Julie, it’s Cindy. And I was just calling to say I think you’re doing a great job with our Facebook Page. I did have a few minutes to look at our Facebook Page, and I am just really very pleased. Good things are happening! I just wanted to say thanks so much for what you’re doing to help us stay out there and relevant. So, thanks a bunch!”

Cindy Greer, Owner, Transition With Care



“I kept hearing Julie’s name and how she was the go to person when it came to boosting your presence on social media sites. When it came time for my company, Blue-J Eco Friendly Small Office Cleaning to make that investment, I knew exactly who I would use. BeeSmart Social Media. Julie is committed to my company’s success. She “gets” small business and gives us the edge any larger business would have within a small business budget. Way too often, small business owners try to wear all the hats and attempt to do their own social media marketing. I know. I did. There came a time when I realized that my knowledge was limited and could only take my company so far. When that time came, I knew it was best left to the professionals. And there was no question as to who that professional would be. Now I can focus on internal business affairs. I know Julie’s got this.

Janet Schultz, Owner, Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning

AC“As the Chief Illuminator for TorchBearer Consulting – my clients count on me to stay up-to-date on all of the constantly evolving aspects of marketing that will affect their business. Naturally, most companies today see the necessity of “playing ball” in the digital realm and social media is an integral part of that world. I trust Julie Bee to keep her finger on the pulse of this vast and vibrant landscape and keep me informed on the social channels that matter the most to US consumers.

Not only is Julie Bee my “go to girl” for the latest developments on the social media platforms themselves, but also the developers who build useful apps, tools and dashboards that make optimizing our social media strategy just a little bit faster, cheaper, or better. Additionally, she is deeply in tune with how consumers these days are USING these social media channels to inform their buying decisions and enhance their quality of life.”

Adrienne Craighead, Chief Illuminator (Owner), TorchBearer Consulting

kevin campion2“Julie has been wonderful to work with. We are a small, local independent insurance agency and had not been using social media. She got us going with social media sites fast and in a comfortable way; she quickly understood what we wanted to achieve.

Julie is responsive, answered any question I had, and has helped us better understand social media marketing for our business. I definitely recommend her.”

Kevin Campion, Partner, Campion Insurance

April Powers“I highly recommend Julie’s service for your online presence. Whenever I have a question, she is prompt and easy to communicate with. Thanks to Julie, social media is working for my travel business.

April Powers, Owner, Cruise Holidays


marianne“I have enjoyed working with Julie for years now. She is so easy to work with, very conscientious, detail oriented and knowledgeable about her field. She offers a great service for a very reasonable fee. I would recommend Julie to everyone!”

Marianne Linker, Owner, Client Linker