Social Media Sales Reality Check


Social Media Sales Reality Check

Have you ever been told that social media sales can grow your business? The reality is, social media sales isn’t something that really happens. Let me explain…

Social Media Sales Real Talk

social-media-sales-service-callsEven IF social media generates interest, YOUR BUSINESS STILL HAS TO SELL to those interested individuals. There are many places these potential customers may decide to not move forward. If you follow up too much, or not enough; if your website doesn’t provide the right education; if a competitor has better online reviews than your business does. Any of these can make a potential customer walk away.

Most of the time, social media is best used for brand awareness, expanding the numbers of people who know about your service/product, and connecting with existing clients. There are many more outcomes social media can produce, of course – we’ve compiled a longer list below.

Moving on from the Social Media Sales topic…

Why would a small business consider social media marketing, if it doesn’t lead to direct sales? Here’s a short list – this is certainly NOT the complete list, but all of these outcomes hold value for most small businesses.

  • Launch the business online
  • Connect with existing clientssocial-media-sales-conversation
  • Connect with former customers
  • Find people similar to your BEST clients
  • Customer Service
  • Competitor research
  • Start conversations with individuals
  • Educate about your industry
  • Test the effectiveness of marketing and brand elements, like text copy and websites
  • Determine if there’s interest in your product/service
  • Show your product/service, and brand, to very targeted audiences, to get feedback
  • Determine what other marketing efforts may, or may not, work
  • Build a following
  • Build an email marketing list
  • Look professional, and open for business, online

Seriously, the list of NON-SALES benefits of social media can go on and on – but if the conversation is only about social media sales, you may miss out on the other benefits.

Social Media Sales for Small Business – Final Thoughts

While social media can result in sales and lead generation for small businesses, in reality, it takes a perfect mix of scenarios to achieve true social media sales.


Take, for example, a recent client who invested in Facebook ads with us, and then had his best month in revenue to date.

This client sells a $90 book, which isn’t the easiest sell in today’s world. He sold over $6,000 in books in one month – so that’s kind of a big deal.

The Facebook ads we ran for him played a part in the sales, but he was also selling a proven product that people wanted to buy. His website makes it easy for people to buy the product, and the website gives plenty of detail about what’s included. He also has great testimonials that support his own claims.

Social Media Sales Bottom Line

Your website, your sales skills, your customer service – your systems and skills have to sell it. Social media doesn’t close sales, but it can help put people in your funnel, if you use it correctly.

If you have other questions about social media sales, get in touch! We’ll analyze your business to tell you if it’s a realistic expectation.

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