How Social Media Management Services Work

How Our Social Media Marketing Services Works

Our social media marketing services process is simple, yet personal.

It’s run by people, not questionnaires.

Before You Sign Up

  1. Fill out our contact form or call
  2. We have a zero-pressure phone call
  3. You ask questions about possible social media marketing services
  4. We ask you questions about your business
  5. We both evaluate whether it’s a good fit
  6. You decide whether you want to work with us
social media marketing services

After You Sign Up – What we do behind the scenes

  1. Internal Team Meeting about the social media marketing services we’ll deliver
  2. Industry & Competitor Research
  3. Internal Systems On-boarding
  4. Work Commences
  5. You receive access to the client reports dashboard

That’s all there is to getting set up with our social media marketing services.

Social Media Marketing Services for Established Business – Our Process

Infused with Efficiency

At BeeSmart Social Media, our difference starts with the first step. Our form is short. That’s because we want to actually talk with you.

You submit our contact form or give us a call if you’re interested in discussing social media marketing services.

Then you’ll receive an email to set up a time to talk with a specialist about your social media progress, goals, and preferences.

Instead of making you fill out pages and pages of forms or questionnaires, we get to the heart of your social media marketing with a strategic conversation.

Our goal is to take work off your plate (without putting more on).

Zero Pressure, Zero Risk

We don’t allow companies to sign up for social media marketing services through our website because we need to speak with you about your business first. We like to make sure we’re a match, and we find having a phone call up front ensures a better start to a project.

That first phone call is absolutely pressure-free. You get to ask your social media questions, and we both get to discuss working together. We’re not the perfect fit for everyone, so we think it’s important to evaluate your needs before you pay us your hard-earned money!

Getting Started with Our Social Media Marketing Services

Once we receive the first payment & access to your social media accounts, we complete a well-established on-boarding process, which takes approximately two weeks.

YOU only have to do 3 things – say yes & sign up, and get us login access.

We do the rest.

If you’re ready for social media marketing services that give you peace of mind, give us a call. We’ll find out what’s been stressing you out about social media and take it off your plate.