State of Social Media Marketing – June 2018


State of Social Media Marketing – June 2018

Every 6 months, we do a “deep dive” into clients’ social media analytics. We just completed this for May 2018. This information helps us measure our performance and also identify numerous trends, which ultimately help us better serve our client. 

After analyzing 129 client accounts, for 54 clients, across 5 social networks, here are some insights into what we’ve accomplished, and some new trends that popped up during the review.

Facebook Review, May 2018

Facebook reach indicates how many people see a piece of content from a Facebook business page. This could be a post, or a visit to the page, and many other items. In May, our clients experienced the following reach numbers:

-Total Facebook Reach for Clients – 410,430 people

-Average Facebook Reach for Clients – 7,601 per client

Facebook Likes are the number of people who have selected to “follow” a business page. In May, we saw these numbers:

-Total Facebook Likes – 45,370 people

-Average Facebook Likes – 840 per client

Insights and trends – Facebook organic reach is tanking, but ads can help bolster the reach. What’s really interesting is that Facebook views and Facebook likes seem to be increasing at a faster rate than we’ve seen in the past, even for clients not running ads.

Instagram Review, May 2018

Followers are the number of accounts that subscribe to your Instagram account and posts. In May, our clients had:

-Total Instagram Followers – 4,323

-Average Instagram Followers per client – 618

Insights and trends – No surprises here –  Instagram is the social network where we see the fastest growth, and most engagement, on organic (non-paid) posts. One surprise we’ve found is influencer marketing works better on this channel than any other channel.

Twitter Review, May 2018

Twitter Followers are the number of accounts that subscribe to your Twitter account and posts. In May, our clients had:

-Total Followers – 17,969

-Average Followers per client – 473

Tweet favorites occur when someone saves a client’s tweet (post) for later reference.

-Total Tweet Favorites – 3,019

-Average Tweet Favorite per client – 79

Insights and trends – Strong gains in engagement, but Twitter still remains a frustrating platform for most. One surprising find – Twitter has become a stronger performer for authors, podcasters, coaches, HR consultants, and those who ARE the product that they sell.

LinkedIn Review, May 2018

LinkedIn impressions are the number of times individuals on LinkedIn see a piece of content from our clients’ accounts. In May, our clients had:

-Total Impressions – 17,788

-Average Impressions – 1,186

LinkedIn page followers are the number of individuals that have subscribed to receive updates from your company page. In May, our clients had:

-Total Page Followers – 5,638

-Average Page Followers – 376

Trends and insights – LinkedIn works well for b2b companies who want to improve awareness and build a following. Surprising find – the impact employees sharing has on a page’s performance is exponential improvement in impressions, reach, and following.

Google My Business Review, May 2018

Google My Business will tell you how many websites visits, requests for directions to a storefront, and phone calls have come from activities on the social channel. Here are the totals and averages our clients saw in May, 2018.

-Total Website Visits – 542

-Average Website Visits per client – 36

-Total Requests for Directions to Location – 375

-Average Requests for Directions to Location per client – 25

-Total Phone Calls – 203

-Average Phone Calls per client – 14

Insights and trends – GMB is a must for local businesses. Surprising find – we saw significant growth in these numbers in the last 6 months. This means more people are seeing our clients on Google listings.

Our Role

We are constantly managing and monitoring changes in social media marketing to better help our clients achieve their business goals. Our six-month reviews help us look at the bigger picture, and see how those changes are helping, or hurting, our clients’ success. This leads to a stronger business relationships with our clients. 

If you have any questions about the above, or any of the recent social media changes, please reach out!

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