Social Media Marketing for Beginners – Assisted Living Locators Charlotte Case Study


Social Media Marketing for Beginners – Assisted Living Locators Charlotte Case Study


“When Ken and I started our business we knew that it was important to have a Social Media presence, but we were novices when it came to social media.  I was introduced to Julie through a business associate as someone that could help us establish our presence, working with her has been a great experience, she has continually found articles and information that is relevant to seniors to post on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts that make us look like rock stars in the social media space.”

Laura O’Dea, Owner

Assisted Living Locators Charlotte

Client Snapshot

  • Company: Assisted Living Locators Charlotte
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Number of Employees: 2
  • Challenges: 
    • Social media marketing beginners
    • Sensitive topic/industry
    • Franchisor requirements
  • Solutions: 
    • Content Strategy
    • Regular posts
  • Results:
    • Peace of mind
    • Professional presence
    • Happy franchisor

About Assisted Living Locators Charlotte

Assisted Living Locators Charlotte provide personal assistance in locating the right options for elderly loved ones. Their Eldercare Advisors help reduce the stress that moving a senior loved one can place on a family by providing a free consultation to help the caregivers and family find the right Home Care, Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes and Retirement Communities in Charlotte, NC.

We at BeeSmart Social Media look forward to continuing our work on social media for Assisted Living Locators Charlotte.

Social Media Services BeeSmart Provides to Assisted Living Locators Charlotte


  • Content for a the sensitive topic of elder care and caregiving.
  • Regular posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Compliance with any franchisor requirements.
  • Advice on various online marketing and social media topics.
  • Special projects – website edits and email marketing.
  • Overall business promotion strategy.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners – Start with Content

When Assisted Living Locators Charlotte first came to us,  they needed our social media marketing for beginners plan. They hadn’t yet started their social media presence, and we were excited to help them launch it.

Social media marketing for beginners, at its core, is content marketing – so that’s exactly where we started.

Content for  a sensitive topic

Creating content for Assisted Living Locators Charlotte was a challenge. Care-giving, and elder care, are sensitive topics for many. Our content strategy was to discuss these topics in a way that was respectful and informational, without being depressing.

We also wanted to recognize the stress caused by being a caregiver to an elderly loved one.

We initially identified a few content topics – education to help people stay at home as they age; tips and education for caregivers; education about moving to a senior care facility; and promotion of Assisted Living Locators Charlotte’s free services.

Here are a few examples of our posts, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook Post


Facebook Post


LinkedIn Post


LinkedIn Post


Realistic Results for Social Media Marketing for Beginners

When we provide social media marketing for beginners, the results we expect aren’t the mind-boggling ones you might hear at social media expert panels. We’re looking for a consistently growing presence, for the client to look professional and easy to approach on the social networks, and to see gradual improvements in numbers.

We’ve worked with Assisted Living Locators Charlotte since 2015. We couldn’t go back that far with our numbers, so we’re comparing January 2016 to January 2018.

LinkedIn Followers Increased

  • In January 2016, Assisted Living Locators Charlotte had 14 followers for their LinkedIn Company Page.
  • In January 2018, followers had increased to 34 people following their LinkedIn Company Page.

That’s an increase of 20 people, a 143% improvement!

These results come from only posting – we haven’t run any LinkedIn ads for Assisted Living Locators Charlotte.

LinkedIn Followers Before = 14


LinkedIn Followers After = 34


Facebook Improvements

We have also seen increases in Facebook numbers, from January 2016 to January 2018, for Assisted Living Locators Charlotte. These improvements have been achieved with no Facebook advertising – a social media marketing for beginners great first step!

Facebook Overview, January 2016


Facebook Overview, January 2018


The differences between January 2016, and January 2018, are impressive.

  • Reach, the number of people who saw their content, grew from 87 to 279 – an increase of 192 people (220% improvement).
  • Views, the number of times their Facebook Page was viewed, grew from 7 to 42 – an increase of 35 views (500% improvement).
  • Engaged, the number of people who liked, clicked on, or commented on their content, grew from 14 to 53 people – an increase of 39 people (271% improvement).
  • Clicks, the number of times their content was clicked on, grew from zero to 36.
  • New Likes (followers) were zero in January 2016, and 26 in January 2018.

The social media marketing for beginners program has clearly made an impact on the overall online presence for Assisted Living Locators Charlotte.

Assisted Living Locators Charlotte Behind the Scenes

Assisted Living Locators Charlotte was launched by Laura & Ken O’Dea in 2014. This husband & wife team works with families and caregivers who need help during very challenging times, and they do this for FREE.

Outside of work, Ken and Laura are part of a community of supporters working with the Alzheimer’s Association of Charlotte. They will be putting together a team of walkers to raise money in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s in October of 2018. Ken also volunteers with Friendship Trays, an organization that delivers healthy meals to elderly and infirmed individuals in their homes. Ken and Laura are passionate about helping seniors and their families, and they love what they do.

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