Social Media for Business Coaches – Turning Point Business Coaching


Social Media for Business Coaches – Turning Point Business Coaching


“Working with Julie at BeeSmart has been a real pleasure! She brings simplicity to my social media efforts, which really helps me focus on building my business and Coaching my clients. The assurance that Julie and her team are on top things gives me real peace of mind that I am consistently reaching out and adding value!”

Warren Williams, Owner

Turning Point Business Coaching

Client Snapshot

  • Company: Turning Point Business Coaching
  • Location: Concord, NC – serves clients nationally
  • Number of Employees: 1
  • Challenges: 
    • No time to implement himself
    • Wanted social off his plate
  • Solutions: 
    • Social media for business coaches
    • Regular posts to social channels
    • Change strategy as needed
  • Results:
    • Peace of Mind – it’s off his plate
    • Visibility among existing network
    • Go To Results Now!

About Warren & Turning Point Business Coaching

At Turning Point, success looks a lot like YOU. Warren Williams (owner & founder) works with clients to get focused on what they want, develop strategies to get them there, and measure results on the way to success. Warren firmly believes that you deserve small business success, and he can help you achieve it.

Julie (BeeSmart’s founder) has also been fortunate enough to hire Warren as her business coach, and she can attest to the success he’s helped drive for BeeSmart. We’ve launched a partner-program with Warren and Turning Point that gives all BeeSmart Social Media clients a 10% discount on any of his services.

Services We Provide to Turning Point Business Coaching

  • Regular post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to maintain consistency and online visibility.
  • Monitor results and adjust posts, as needed.
  • Provide advice and suggestions about implementing new tools to improve performance.

Results from Social Media for Business Coaches

Even though we’ve worked with Turning Point Business Coaching since 2011, we decided to compare December 2016 to December 2017 in the following results. This gives you a more accurate picture of what we accomplished in today’s social media marketing landscape.

Important to know – Turning Point achieved these results without running ads. It’s increasingly rare to see social media results like this, without paid advertisements.


LinkedIn Impressions

LinkedIn impressions are calculated for Company Pages on the social network. These represent the number of times content from the Company Page was viewed. If one person views a post three times, that would count as three impressions.

  • In December 2016, Turning Point’s LinkedIn impressions were 38.
  • By December 2017, the impressions had grown to 171.

That’s an increase of 133 impressions, a 350% increase!

These results show that just posting, without running paid ads, is an effective part of a social media for business coaches plan.

Dec. 2016 = 38 Impressions


Dec. 2017 = 171 Impressions


Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes represent the number of people who follow a Facebook Page. Facebook Likes are sometimes referred to as Facebook Fans.

  • In December 2016, Turning Point Business Coach had 271 Facebook Likes.
  • By December 2017, Facebook Likes had grown to 396 people!

That’s an increase of  125 Facebook Likes in one year, a 46% growth!

Facebook Likes are important for a variety of reasons, but mainly because they represent people who are interested in your business.

Dec. 2016 = 271 Likes


Dec. 2017 = 396 Likes


Twitter Followers

We also saw an increase in Twitter followers while implementing our social media for business coaches strategy.

  • In December 2016, Turning Point had 155 Twitter followers.
  • By December 2017, followers had grown to 217.

That’s an increase of 62 followers, a 40% growth!

Dec. 2016 = 155 Followers


Dec. 2017 = 217 Followers


Behind the Scenes at Turning Point Business Coaching

In addition to helping small businesses, Warren is involved with his local Rotary Club. He’s been a member since 2011, and a Past President. His Rotary Club helps raise money to support Character Education in local elementary schools, and provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors each year. Warren says, “I am excited to be a part of an international organization that truly makes a difference in the world (such as spearheading the goal of eradicating Polio worldwide).”

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