Social media’s role has really evolved over the last few years for marketing a brand. At BeeSmart, we really use social media in two ways. The first way is to start and end a bigger marketing campaign. When we do that, we typically call it the bookends to a marketing process, and then the second way is to use social media as a catalyst to make other marketing initiatives more successful. An example would be using social media and TV together. So today, we’re going to talk about the bookend process, but in an upcoming video, I’ll also go over the catalyst process with you.

What do we mean by using Social Media Bookends?

Here’s a real life example from some of the work we did of a client. This client sells Kombucha, which is a healthy drink alternative to soda. What we did for this client was, we started out on Instagram. This would be the one side of the bookend. We started out on Instagram, looking for influencers who might be interested in promoting our client’s product on their channels.

social-media-and-TVUltimately, what came out of those initial conversations is that we landed a local television spot on a news show that was viewed by thousands of individuals in the local area for our client, and we also landed a blog post on the TV host’s personal blog, as well as posts on her personal social media channels. And so, you have a really nice way to look at that here, is where there’s the starting bookend, the conversation that happened, and then all of the things in between, the TV, the blog, the social posts with the influencer, all of that influencer marketing happened, and then we closed the loop with the final bookend, and that was promoting all of that content on our client’s own social channels.

Social Media and TV can work together

Social media’s role there was to get it started and finish it, and in the meantime, hold up all of those things that were going on in between, much like bookends hold up books on a bookshelf. So, that’s a really nice visual to see how that process works.


The key takeaway here is that a successful marketing campaign, it can start on social media and it’s really great to end it on social media, but there has to be some things going on in between there for it to be really successful. Those in betweens are usually marketing tactics that kind of fall outside of the traditional realm of social media.

Be sure to subscribe to our channel because our next video will be about social media’s role as a catalyst, and when you put those two ideas together, you kind of see and get a better idea of how to use social media for your brand.

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