Making Smart Social Media Goals in Ecommerce

Are you an ecommerce company? Possibly you are a brand that sells on Etsy. Maybe you sell handcrafted goods on your own website. Every eCommerce brand needs to set smart social media goals. Here are my recommendations on how to do so.

The Social Side of Smart Social Media Goals for Makers

There are two types of smart social media goals for Makers. First, we’ll talk about the social side. These are things like engagement.

Likes, shares, comments, number of followers you have, the amount of content you’re posting, how many influencer campaigns you’re running, the sentiment for your brand -is it good neutral, or bad?

Those are all social side goals that you can set for your brand.

The Business Side of Smart Social Media Goals for Makers

The second type of smart social media goals for makers is the business side. This side includes:

Sales, the ROI, the email subscribers, the returning customers, those types of things.

These tend to lead to revenue or at least move people further down your sales funnel.

Which Side Helps Me Make Money?

In a social media marketing campaign, you need both sides. Often when a new client comes to us, they often want to know “How much in revenue is this going to make us?” We really cannot start there because we must know how the social side of things are going to perform.

The social media side is the leading indicator.

While we know a lot of things that work and a lot of things that do not work, every brand is unique. Every maker, every crafter, every eCommerce company is different. We must apply what we know but also figure out what is going to work for your brand. And what is important to you. Some people are really interested in growing their followers. We have some clients that are more interested in Instagram engagement than they are anything to do with Facebook.  It just really depends.


How Long Until I See Results?

Your smart social media goals on the social side of things is a leading indicator of how the business side goals are going to perform.  You could do social media all day long but if it’s not performing over there –  if you aren’t hitting those social media goals you’re probably not going to hit the business goals that you want. When we do have that first part great- the second part tends to follow.

Now we know that ultimately you market your business to make more money. That is not lost on us. We certainly understand that.

However, we must make sure that the social media side is right first before that will start producing revenue and income for you. Sometimes it happens quickly. And sometimes it takes a few months. We have had instances where it takes six months to figure out what really works for a client.

Final Thoughts on Social Media Goals for Makers

So, when you are setting smart social media goals for your business, keep in mind that there are two sets of goals. The social media and business side both are equally important. One is a leading indicator of success and one is the lagging indicator of success. Ideally, for a highly successful campaign, you want both to be performing. You measure, you tweak, you adjust, and you do it again and again and again until you really have that dialed in about what is going to work for your company.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. My team and I or ecommerce marketing experts are happy to discuss how to set social media goals for makers, crafters, artisans, and all types of eCommerce businesses.

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