About Our Charlotte Social Media Marketing Company: Our Story

We’re pretty proud of our little social media management company. Started in 2010, BeeSmart Social Media has grown to be the social media management company for hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

Social Media Management Company FOR Small Business

We are a great social media management company for small business BECAUSE of what we believe, and how we respect, our clients.

We help level the playing field for entrepreneurs, so they can get in the game with bigger business. We help the entrepreneurs and micro-business owners that work hard, every day, to run their business. We want them to succeed.

Our social media management company exists for one simple reason: we believe in the little guys and gals. We believe this so much that many of our clients are solopreneurs. We love working with, and for, you!

We believe in the American Dream – the dream that anyone can start a business, run it for years, support their family, and be a big part of the community in which they live. We believe their work matters.

That dream is why BeeSmart Social Media exists.

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How Our Social Media Management Company Started

Julie Bee started BeeSmart Social Media in 2010 with aspirations of becoming THE social management company for small business. She built BeeSmart, determined to create the best social media management company for small business in the US. A company that would help small businesses share their unique stories, communicate with their target audiences, and generate customer loyalty.

We believe in being a social media management company that provides services to anyone with determination and perseverance who starts a company that adds value to their life, their family, and their community.

We exist to help our clients turn that dream into a reality!

Our Social Media Management Company History

Since its launching in 2010, BeeSmart has helped hundreds of small business owners around the world. We’ve been a social media management company for small businesses in a variety of industries.

We have a track record as being a great social media management company for small businesses and entrepreneurs, as evidenced by our testimonials and social media success stories.

We exist to help entrepreneurs and micro-business owners effectively run their business in a way that keeps them in the game with their bigger (and wealthier) competitors.

Entrepreneurs run the country, and we feel it’s of utmost importance to help keep them going.

We help the underdogs win!

Yeah, but couldn’t you make more money working with bigger companies?

Good question. Here’s a little background…

Early on, our clients were mostly larger businesses with larger budgets to invest with our social media management company. We were quite successful serving them, but something felt off.

We felt like another cog in the wheel. We felt we weren’t making a true impact on the lives of the people who worked for our clients, or the community around them. Something had to change.

We also recognized the need in companies with fewer than 10 employees for the same types of social media outsourcing services we delivered to those larger companies.

We heard it all the time at networking events and speaking engagements from entrepreneurs and micro-business owners:

“I need help with social media, but I can’t afford $5,000 a month (or more) for your services.”

There was not a sustainable way for entrepreneurs and micro-business owners to work with a quality social media management company.

So, we made some changes. We decided to get back to our Why – helping the underdogs win.

We set out to create a service offering specifically designed for entrepreneurs and micro-businesses. A service that would fit their marketing needs AND their marketing budgets.

And that’s exactly what we accomplished. We created a social media management company for YOU.

Learn more about how our social media marketing services workor find out how to start social media marketing with us!