About Our Charlotte Social Media Marketing Company

There are many social media marketing companies out there, but we’re a little different than the rest.

The Basics

BeeSmart Social Media was founded in 2008 by business & marketing nerds. Our founder, Julie Bee, has been using social media for marketing and business growth since 2004, which was before Facebook even existed.

We’re headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and we serve clients all over the country. While many of our clients are located in the Southeast, we also work with companies in Chicago, New York, Alaska, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey, just to name a few.

As far as social media marketing companies go, we pride ourselves on helping our clients establish a social media presence that’s worthy of their brands.

Who We Are

We’re a small team, all located in the USA. Our founder, Julie, lives and works in Charlotte.

Katie, our client account coordinator, plays a crucial role at BeeSmart Social Media. She lives and works in Virginia.

Eileen, our client services manager, keeps our client’s strategies at the forefront of innovation. She lives and works in South Carolina.

We also have a dedicated team of support staff and contractors, mostly on the East Coast of the USA.

Our social media marketing company proudly recruits and hires active-duty military spouses. We recognize the sacrifice the spouses make for their husbands and wives, and we support them. We have flexible work arrangements, and our work can be done from anywhere, making military spouses a great fit at BeeSmart Social Media.

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What We Believe

“We believe in socially-responsible social media for our clients. We take our job and roles very seriously, and deliver on our promise to help our clients amplify their awesome.”
– Julie Bee, Founder of BeeSmart Social Media

We also celebrate vulnerability & diversity, and we discourage arrogance, which helps us all work together as a team.

Why We Do What We Do

We make our clients the heroes – and help people who they can help know more about them.

Julie felt compelled to create a social media marketing company that serves companies and brands that stand for something more than the bottom line. Most of our clients have a bigger mission in mind than dollars and cents. While those are most certainly important, our clients care about their people, are often actively involved in the community, and have a lot of awesome things happening behind the scenes that no one knows about (yet).

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About Our Social Media Marketing Company Founder

Putting the Bee in BeeSmart

Julie Bee, Founder and “Chief Connector” at BeeSmart Social Media, is a natural entrepreneur. Her passion for business operations and for helping people to connect and do business led her to become a business owner before her 30th birthday.

social media marketing companies founderAfter experiencing the benefits of social media marketing first hand through the growth of her first company, Julie switched gears and launched BeeSmart Social Media, with the goal to help brands amplify their awesome.

Your Certified Public Social Media Guru

A few things set Julie apart as a founder. The first is that, in business, she believes in partnering with her clients to work together collaboratively.

Another unique thing about Julie is that, before becoming an online marketing guru, she worked as a CPA for PricewaterhouseCoopers. When she designs social media marketing services, she’s thinking about how the numbers will play out to make it make sense for the client’s investment.

Building Community

Julie also gives back to the local community – she is the Chairperson of the Matthews Alive Festival, an organization that serves 35 local non-profits. She keeps her creativity charged by hosting business meetings on a paddleboard and by practicing her storytelling skills through local classes and workshops.

Learn more about our social media management company story, and see what makes BeeSmart an ideal partner to your success!