About Our Charlotte Social Media Marketing Company: What Makes Us Different

Our Social Media Marketing Agency – An Overview

We’re here to help small businesses compete online..

As a social media marketing agency for small business, entrepreneurs, and marketing leaders, BeeSmart has one goal – to build awesome every day for our clients, employees, and vendors. We strive to “Bee Awesome” at everything we do. Here are a few more ways our social media agency stands out.

Professional + Personal

We’re a professional social media marketing agency in the market offering a personal, talk-to-a-human approach along with affordable social media services.

Playing by the Numbers

BeeSmart provides data-based analytics to its clients, setting us apart from our competitors. The numbers make meaning out of social media interaction.

Hand-Selected Content

We hand pick, and custom craft, every piece of content that we post for clients. We do not automate this process.

Sustainable Services

Our social media marketing agency exists to level the social media playing field for entrepreneurs so that they can get in and STAY in the game. You can expect our prices to stay low because our services were designed to be affordable.

Made in the USA

We’re not offshoring anything – not our intake process, not our social media publishing, not our writing and image editing – nothing. We’re a bona-fide American company working out of the Queen City – Charlotte, North Carolina – with other team members located in Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania (and growing!).

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A Different Social Media Agency

Our social media agency exists because we believe that underdogs change the world, so we’re here to help underdogs win.

We’re here for you…

If social media makes you feel like a tiny fish in a world of sharks

If you've ever been ripped off by a social media marketing agency

If you're afraid you’ll mess up your social media accounts

If you're not sure what to post

If you don’t want to add to the noise

If you don’t have time to manage your social networks

If you’ve been posting but not getting engagement

We’re here for you – Real humans posting real comments to make social media really easy for you.

And we really care.

THE Social Media Marketing Agency for Small Business

Why would we be the best social media marketing agency for your business?


Honor your budget.

Challenge misconceptions about social media

Support the American Dream of entrepreneurship.

Create and implement incredibly effective and efficient systems in all aspects of our work. We cut out red tape.

Concentrate and focus our clients' social media efforts.

Honor vulnerability in entrepreneurs (including ourselves). When an entrepreneur says, ``I need help and have no idea how to make it happen,`` we shine brightest. Often the best breakthroughs in business happen when we're most vulnerable.

Discourage arrogance. We ask everyone to check their ego at the door. There's no ``I`` in team.

Do what is right instead of what is easy. Could we charge more for the services we offer? Yes. Do we? No, because it's contrary to our beliefs.

Our social media marketing agency has built efficient, effective, and strategic delivery systems designed for entrepreneurs and micro-businesses – they’re designed JUST for you.

To sum it up in a few words – We’re different because we believe in something bigger than the dollar bill.

That is what makes us an ideal social media agency for most small businesses and entrepreneurs. Social media outsourcing to us is one of the easiest decisions you’ll make for your business – and you’ll be glad you did!