Matthews NC Social Media Services

Social Media for small businesses and entrepreneurs can be confusing and frustrating. As a busy business owner in Matthews, NC, you often just don’t have the time to tackle the social media monster.

You really can’t do everything yourself, so that’s why we are here to take social media marketing off your plate.  We work with you to create a Matthews, NC social media strategy that is customized for your business and what you hope to achieve.

We invite you to learn a little more about how we work, as a social media management company . Or, keep reading for some specific-to- Matthews, NC social media tips and tricks.

Matthews, NC Social Media Advice

Matthews, NC has a small town, local feel. Your social media posts should reflect this in the content, images, and hashtags. Highlighting this difference has been very successful for some of our existing clients.

Matthews, NC Social Media Tip #1

The local business community in Matthews, NC is highly engaged. Because of this, you can crowd-source content generation. Ask questions on social media to get responses that you can use later for content. You may also want to ask for people to post images of themselves at your local establishment. You could also use Matthews, NC social media efforts to generate testimonials for your business. Finally, you could run a contest to reward your local following, while also adding to your email marketing list.

In a vibrant, small town community like Matthews, NC, the social media opportunities for user-generated content are endless, and you can maximize those by connecting with your customers on social media.

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Matthews, NC Social Media Tip #2

Hashtag strategy plays a crucial role. Matthews, NC social media hashtags incorporate a few that many don’t think about including. Matthews, NC has a small town, local feel to it, so you should incorporate hashtags around that theme.

Also, many people in Matthews love their local high school team, The Butler Bulldogs. Incorporating a few Butler hashtags from time to time, as long as they are relevant to the post, will garner more positive attention for your posts.

Finally, incorporating the surrounding areas’ location hashtags will help expand your reach.

If you become a client of ours, we take care of the hashtag strategy for you! Learn more about how our social media marketing agency works!

Matthews, NC Hashtags

Here are a few hashtags to get you started on your Matthews, NC social media marketing efforts. You can add to this list as you wish!










Matthews, NC Small Business Resources

The Matthews Chamber of Commerce is a great group of people who truly care about the success for your business. They have many events every month, giving you ample opportunity to make connections.

Also, be sure to check out the Red Brick Partnership in Matthews, NC. The Red Brick Partnership promotes, enhances, and supports the development of downtown Matthews, NC, while preserving its rich history. The Partnership is focused on connecting, strategizing, and collaborating with businesses, residents, non-profits, and all members within the community to elevate downtown Matthews.