Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting – The Catch All

Marketing consulting services can cover anything from a very specific strategy (a hashtag strategy, for example) to reviewing another agency’s work, to reviewing marketing analytics on an ongoing basis and making recommendations for change.

Marketing consulting is a catch all when a project doesn’t fall neatly into one or more categories, but it’s often some of the most targeted and valued work we do for clients.

How Marketing Consulting Helps Companies

Consulting can help a brand’s team have peace of mind about a marketing element that keeps them up at night. It can help get a company’s marketing back on track to achieve goals. It can also potentially save a company money, make efforts more efficient, and make sure the outward marketing tactics are in alignment with the internal brand dialogue.

Who Benefits from Marketing Consulting

When a company doesn’t know what questions to ask about marketing, if they’re unsure of the next, right step, or if they feel like something is just off but can’t identify it, that’s when consulting makes sense.

Basically, if a client is stuck, or has analysis paralysis – this is a good solution.

Marketing consulting works for any industry, but we find that it’s most useful for companies who have been in business for at least 5 years.

BeeSmart’s Marketing Consulting Services

Consulting services are some of our most specialized and customized offerings, so we don’t have a set list of deliverables. It usually involves strategic, big-picture conversations with our clients, and probing into as much data as we can get our hands on to find answers for them. We may need to speak with employees or other service providers, as well, to nail down what’s needed to meet expected outcomes.

We find our consultant services require a mix of on-site work (if possible), research and brainstorming that we do internally, and combined with phone calls, video chats, and emails with our client.

We often find ourselves doing a good bit of business consulting in this arena, as well. We’ll probably talk about revenue, sales, costs, and employee performance, as well as service provider performance, more than you might expect.

The one action that does apply to all clients is to make sure we appreciate the current situation and any issues a client is experiencing. We’ll also understand the ideal outcome our client is trying to achieve. From there, it’s highly customized based on the problems and needs identified in the first few conversations.

If you’re not sure if this is what you need, you probably need it. Get in touch with us, and let the BeeSmart Social Media team help you decide if consulting makes sense for your company.