The Lonely Entrepreneur


The Lonely Entrepreneur

Welcome to 2018! Do you have big plans this year? I know you do – you’re an entrepreneur. We ALWAYS have big plans.

This month, I want to address being a lonely entrepreneur. We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s lonely at the top,” but what doesn’t get discussed much is the reality of dealing with this loneliness.

You can only talk to your spouse, dog, cat, iguana, etc. so much about these things, after all…

Who do you talk to when things don’t go as planned? I’ve got some advice in this video.

Lonely Entrepreneur No More!

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to build your tribe, as my friend Fabi would say.  Your tribe includes those people who will encourage you, no matter what happens. These are the people you can share success with, as well as get advice from, when things go wrong. It can include family, but your tribe really needs to include other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

You can start with me! I’m here to share in your successes, help you work through difficult business decisions, and simply listen when something goes wrong. It’s this kind of relationship that will get you over the hump of being a lonely entrepreneur.

Other tips that have helped me:


Pondering my next steps, during a challenging time in business.

  • Get out of the office. No matter where your office is, get out of the office. If you don’t know where to start, just go outside for a walk. For extroverts,  join an non-work related club, or volunteer – do something to hang out with real people, in real life. If you’re an introvert, meditate, journal, or do another restorative activity. If your office is in your house (like mine), you need to get out of your house.
  • Name it. Sometimes having the courage to say, “I’m struggling,” is all that needs to happen. You’d be surprised who steps up to help if you simply name it.
  • Join a Mastermind group. If you can’t find one to join, form one. It is a commitment, but well worth it.
  • Hire a business coach. This isn’t feasible for everyone, but if you can swing it, it’s worth it. 2017 would have been the last year for BeeSmart Social Media if I hadn’t hired my awesome small business coach.
  • Work isn’t everything . Yes, even for you, small business owner.
  • Don’t suffer in silence. If you have had feelings of loneliness for longer than a month, it’s probably a good idea to check in with a medical professional to make sure there isn’t something else going on, like depression.

I hope this can begin to get us all talking a bit more about the loneliness issue. It’s often referenced in books, by speakers, and in other content. However, I’ve found that being a lonely entrepreneur is rarely discussed in the day-to-day, real life of small business owners.

I think the lack of real discussion happens because we’ve all been told to, “Fake it ’til you make it,” which I believe is the opposite of what we actually need to do these days.

Anyways, thank you for listening, and…

THANK YOU for being a loyal, BeeSmart Social Media client.

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