LinkedIn Videos – What You Need to Know


LinkedIn Videos – What You Need to Know

LinkedIn Videos & Your Small Business

LinkedIn recently launched the ability to upload and post videos directly to their social network. linkedin-videos-linkedin-buttonWhile LinkedIn videos are currently only available to post on personal profiles, (not company pages), they’re making a big impact.

Because it’s the new, shiny, toy on the social network, LinkedIn videos grab a good bit of attention from viewers, and that helpS individuals stand out from the pack.

And, since personal profile posts tend to get more views anyways, LinkedIn videos are a good way to highlight your business.

Why Are LinkedIn Videos Important?

Videos have become increasing important on most social networks over the last few years. While it took LinkedIn a while to innovate into the video realm, LinkedIn videos are making a big splash. LinkedIn videos can:

  • Help your content stand out and be seen by more people.
  • Result in better engagement with your content.
  • Lead to others learning more about your business and what you do.

But what’s the main reason small business owners need to consider using LinkedIn videos in their marketing?

The analytics you receive about LinkedIn videos, and the follow-up potential it provides.

LinkedIn videos provide easy-to-understand analytics, especially about the companies who have viewed your video.  This information is unlike any data provided on other social channels. You cannot see this level of performance data on organic (unpaid) posts, on any other social channel.


How Can I Maximize LinkedIn Videos?

First, you need to have a LinkedIn personal profile (not a LinkedIn Company Page). If you don’t have a personal profile, that’s the place to start. If you’re a client, we can help you set one up quickly.


You can use LinkedIn videos to provide education, insights into industry changes, show the culture of your company, and many other options. It’s best to start with what goal you’d like the video to achieve, and then determine the topic.

In most cases, the video does not have to be professionally produced. Shooting a video with your tablet, smartphone, or laptop camera is fine – especially when you’re just getting started.

If you ARE targeting a higher-end, sophisticated clientele, they will likely appreciate a well-produced video…but that doesn’t have to be the ONLY type of LinkedIn videos you post.

Finally, you’ll want to keep length of the video in mind – aim for 3 minutes or less.

How to Use LinkedIn Videos

Step 1: Identify the topic for the video.

We suggest starting with a topic you are frequently asked about, and addressing that question in a quick video.

Step 2: Write an outline of what you’ll discuss on the LinkedIn videos. 

The outline doesn’t have to be perfect, and remember you want to keep this video under 3 minutes. If you have A LOT to discuss, consider making a series of LinkedIn videos. We find it’s best to have ONE main topic, and then 1-2 tips about that topic. Close your video with the most important take-away.

Step 3: Setup your camera on a steady surface. You don’t have to get a tripod for your first few videos, but if you find yourself creating multiple LinkedIn videos, you may want to invest in one. 

As long as the camera doesn’t shake while filming, you’ll be fine. We’ve even used a stack of books, with a phone propped up on top of the stack.

This “hi-tech” configuration is great if you don’t have an HD webcam on your desktop/laptop.


This hi-tech configuration is great if you have an HD webcam. Added bonus – your computer can serve as a teleprompter!


Step 4: Practice shots for your LinkedIn Videos

Before you record the final video, do a couple of test runs to look at lighting, listen to sound, and also get comfortable with your material. Once you do that…

Step 5: Shoot your LinkedIn video, and then upload it to your personal profile. 

Record the video, watch it to make sure it’s ok, and then post it to LinkedIn. Don’t overthink it – don’t focus on the ums and errs that you’ll naturally say. Create a video that delivers your message effectively, and upload it. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to get better at creating LinkedIn videos.

If you’re struggling, remember this…plan a little, do a lot. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis!

How LinkedIn Videos Help Your Small Business

First, more people will watch your LinkedIn video than will click through to your blog post, or anything else you post. It’s a new-ish feature on LinkedIn, and hasn’t been overused (yet). Take advantage of it.


Second, LinkedIn videos can help you become a subject matter expert in your field. Your message will likely resonate with many people, but only if you put your message out there in a format they want.

Third, you’re also creating content that can be used on other platforms. You can upload that video to Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels. You can post it on your website, as well.

Finally, you can easily see the people who engaged with your LinkedIn videos, and follow up with them when appropriate. The stats you get  from LinkedIn videos give you more insights than most stats on other social platforms.

Have Other Questions about LinkedIn Videos?

If you have any other questions, reach out! We’re here to answer them, and help you make the most of the services we provide to you. We can also help you with videos in our LinkedIn marketing solutions.

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