In our business, we embrace leading generously as a core value.

Today I would like to talk about one of the culture points, leading generously, here at BeeSmart Social Media. Our whole culture plays together and is incorporated into a bigger picture item. We strongly believe in social impact and social missions. That extends into a lot of different avenues and parts of our business. One of our culture points at BeeSmart is generosity. By giving back to communities and by volunteering that is one way that we all live that culture point of generosity.

How we live Generosity as a Core Value in our Day to Day Business

I encourage my employees to volunteer. All of us volunteer in multiple organizations.  In addition, BeeSmart donates to employee-selected non-profits. We donate a set amount of money, every month, on behalf of each employee to that employee’s chosen nonprofit organization.

The social mission of generosity extends beyond what we do internally at BeeSmart.  We prefer to work with clients who have a social mission.  That social mission can be helping children in their own communities. It can be sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyles or eco-friendly products. Or it can be making micro-loans to other small business owners on the other side of the world. Those are just some real-life examples that some of our clients do to have an impact that goes beyond their bottom line.


A Network of Leading Generously

We don’t believe you need to write a check for thousands of dollars each month to your cause. Our clients don’t. We don’t. At BeeSmart, our ecommerce marketing experts believe that it is more about the consistent action over time that can have a big impact.

That is what we practice at BeeSmart.

It is also what most of our clients practice as well.  This extends even beyond our clients these days. I prefer to hire partners, vendors, and subcontractors who also have a social mission. One that they talk about. Not a cause hidden behind a bunch of corporate language. We really look for partners and vendors who have a social mission that they talk about publicly.

What is Your Social Mission?

How can we support your social mission and your cause today? Do you, as the owner/founder, have a social mission that you are passionate about? Or maybe your business is involved regularly with a non-profit. It can even be that your employees are involved as well. Let me know! I would like to feature that social mission and your company on the BeeSmart Social Media feed. We would be happy to! If you’re passionate about it, we really want to know about it. We’d like to help it grow as much as we possibly can in the future.


The Leading Generously Cycle

Whether it is through BeeSmart or my personal brand I hope to have some tools, some quizzes, some assessments, and maybe even some consulting services to help small businesses. Maybe it is group coaching. I do not know what it looks like yet but there are a lot of options to help small businesses match their values to a social mission.

If your company puts importance on leading generously as a core value, you can find a social mission out there to match with.

Your business will be even more motivated to continue to support that social mission. It creates this nice cycle of reiterating what your company culture is, which is required when leading generously. I get excited when I talk about giving back to the community and about being generous. I have told you what I can do. Going forward I will continue to build this out.  Not only in my own businesses but in a lot of other small businesses around the country.