Influencer Marketing for Product Brands

Build trust with your target customer through influencer marketing for product brands. 

Like Celebrity Endorsements, but Better

Influencer marketing for product brands can…

Reach thousands quickly with brand-aligned messaging.

Have someone with influence promote your brand.

Grow your brand’s following and continue building trust.

Stand out from your competitors when and where customers are shopping.


Why Choose BeeSmart?

BeeSmart actively researches, engages, and builds relationships with influencers.

Then, on behalf of our clients, we hand-select each influencer for every client campaign.  Instead of plucking names from a database of strangers, the influencers you work with through BeeSmart are aligned with your brand, authentic with their audience, and that leads to very successful campaigns.

We’ve worked with many influencers, so we know how to find authentic, brand-aligned influencers and negotiate with them.

Our influencer marketing for product brands services make sure your brand’s purpose remains at the forefront of any campaign.

We know you’ve spent a lot of time and energy building your brand, and any influencer you work with needs to respect that, as well.

Influencer Marketing for Product Brands – Our Process

A unique process to ensure success of influencer marketing campaigns.

Step 1


Establish goals and budget. Match influencers. Define content parameters.

Step 2


Select best-fit influencers and reach out. Negotiate terms and content usage.

Step 3


Content creation guidelines. Publishing timelines. Content usage rights.

Step 4


Ensure influencers delivers on agreed-upon terms. Track results. Report findings.