Incorporating Video into Your Social Media Strategy

Incorporating Video into Your Social Media Strategy

Not sure if you want to include video in your social media strategy? Here’s a few things to consider. Video produces a 157% increase in organic traffic through search engines and marketers who use video generate revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

Video gets results, and on social media, it can be even more effective. The question at this point isn’t IF you should incorporate video into your social media strategy, but how you should be doing it. If you’re new to using video, or just looking for a few new ideas, here are 3 ways to successfully optimize video in your social media campaign.

Go Live

Live video is exactly what is sounds like -live video that’s broadcasted on social networks as it’s happening. Facebook Live is the most recognized live platform, but other social networks are catching on.

If you’re new to video, then the idea of going live might leave you with a bit of stage fright. It’s understandable but listen to the reasons why live content is so popular right now.

As more business are tapping into the power of video, audiences have started to grow tired of seeing the same thing repeatedly. They’re looking for something that’s new, refreshing and authentic. Is there anything more authentic than putting yourself in front of a live audience?

Not really.

Audiences find live content more engaging and transparent. Plus, live content taps into their fear of missing out, which only generates more viewership for your videos.


You’ve heard it repeatedly. Content is king.

In response, you’ve invested some serious time and energy into creating great content, some of it in the form of blogs. This is good, but no matter how great your blogs are, video is almost always better.

Brands can tap into the best of both worlds by combining the elements of written content with video and then posting them on social media the same way you would a blog.

A problem with blogging is that readers don’t always stick through to the end, or they skim over parts. Sometimes this means they’re missing out on important information or your marketing message. On the other hand, 55% of people who start watching a video stick through to the end. This is higher than any other type of content.

Video Enhanced Cover Images

Not that long ago, Facebook gave its users that ability to use video as a cover photo. For the average individual user this might not be such a big deal, but for brands on Facebook, this development was huge.

This feature, which allows for a continually looping video of up to 90 seconds, is a great way to showcase your brand to users who are just landing on your page. Cover photo video is engaging and requires minimal commitment on the part of the user.

How are you planning on optimizing video in your social media strategy? At BeeSmart Social Media, we’d love to help you reach your full potential. Contact our social media experts today and let’s start talking about your future.

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