How to Use Pinterest to Sell Products?

Today I’d like to talk about how to use Pinterest to sell products for your eCommerce business. Pinterest is a good traffic driver for websites. It can send a lot of traffic but there are a few important points you have to follow to get that to happen

Pinterest Tip #1

You must have beautiful, original images on Pinterest. That’s the first step for how to use Pinterest to sell products. That’s really what stops a lot of brands is that they don’t have the resources to create really beautiful images on the regular.  Pinterest users know what a stock photo looks like and they expect original footage and original photos. So, let’s say you have a lot of original photos of your product that look great. You can upload those into a software called Canva. On you can upload your images into their platform and there are a bunch of templates for Pinterest posts. Plug and play and make it look really pretty. You definitely want to use your own images and you want to make them look really great and Canva is a tool that can help you achieve that goal.


Pinterest Tip #2

When you go to post on Pinterest make sure you are adding your eCommerce website to the post.

Pinterest Tip #3

Use hashtags that are relevant.  One of the best ways to research those hashtags is within Pinterest’s paid ads platform. Within that platform, you can see how many people are talking about what. That data will give you an idea of what type of hashtags are trending so that you can post hashtags that make sense for your brand. It will also try to capture a little bit of that organic traffic.


Successful Product Lines on Pinterest

If your demographic is primarily women who are 35 to 55 and your product is in health, wellness, skincare, beauty, fashion, clothing, all-natural types of home care, these types of product lines typically do really well on Pinterest. That’s why it is important for you to ask how to use Pinterest to sell products. If you are in those niches, Pinterest might make sense for you.

How does Pinterest work with your other Social Media Platforms?

You want to make sure you have got your Facebook plan down. You want to make sure your Instagram plan is taken care of. Ensure you have all those social media platform layers taken care of first before you move into Pinterest. Why?  Pinterest is probably one of those high maintenance social networks out there.  You must create images to post. But first, you must have the original images to post there. If you can’t keep up consistently with this platform, it may not be right for you.

Should I Consider How to Use Pinterest to Sell Products?

If you have wondered how to use Pinterest to sell products for your eCommerce business or if you just want to talk about how you could potentially use Pinterest in your business, feel free to reach out. I’m happy to have those conversations with you. Likely some of the first questions I will ask you are:

Is Facebook good? Is Do I need tips on Instagram stories? good? Are you blogging? Do you have emails going out?  We would look at those things first to make sure those strategies are on point because they are a little bit easier to manage than jumping into Pinterest.

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