How to Use Instagram’s Shopping Feature

How to Use Instagram’s Shopping Feature

What if there were a way to put your e-commerce brand in front of 5 million people every day, and it just happened that these people were also trend seeking, so they loved the idea of exploring new products and ideas? Plus, as a bonus, the conversion process was seamless.

You would sign up in a heartbeat.

Sometimes, when something sounds too good to be true, it’s because someone has smashed our expectations and set the bar higher than it’s ever been. Instagram has accomplished this with their shopping feature, and here’s how you can use it boost sales for your e-commerce business.

First, What Is the Instagram Shopping Feature

Last year, Instagram revealed a way for e-commerce businesses to promote and sell their products through the social network. This is accomplished through “tags” being attached to products featured in a business’s Instagram posts. When an item is tagged, a visitor can learn more about the product, including price and a link to purchase it directly.

When Instagram first rolled out this feature, it was available only to large e-commerce businesses. While it may have seemed unfair because those big guys already have an advantage, it was actually a great idea because all the kinks got worked out, and now it’s good to go for every e-commerce business, no matter what their size.

The Basics of Getting Started

Getting set up to tag products in your Instagram posts is easy, but there are a few requirements. For starters, here’s a list of eligibility factors.

  • A business profile on Instagram.
  • You need to have products in a Facebook catalog. If you haven’t done this, set up the Facebook sales channel, and then make your products available to the channel. Products sold on Instagram must adhere to Facebook commerce policies.
  • The latest version of the Instagram App.
  • The Instagram shopping feature is currently only available to businesses based in the United States.

These are the basics of getting started. Here’s a great article to help walk you through the steps.

Optimizing the Instagram Shopping Feature for Your E-commerce Business

The Instagram shopping feature is ingenious because it makes the process super easy for the customer. We’re all consumers, so we can easily relate to this. The last thing you want to do is search for information or click multiple links to find a product. The shopping feature cuts right through all of that, but you still have the responsibility of appealing to the audience.

Remember that Instagram is a visual platform. Users don’t want to see boring product images that belong in catalog. To leverage the shopping feature for sales, you still need to stimulate the consumer visually with great images that show your product in action or spark an emotional response.

In other words, tell a story with your images that inspires them to click on the tag.

Secondly, growing your audience is crucial. With Instagram, this is accomplished through high quality content. You might hear the advice that it’s quality over quantity. This is true, and in Instagram’s case, it’s high quality posts that are going to skyrocket the quantity of engagement. Focus on keeping posts engaging, not just making a sale.

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