Modern Muffin was seeking to reveal the indulgent side of healthy living by proving that muffins are how-to-increase-revenue-in-ecommercemore than mere dessert for breakfast. Selling in high-end grocery stores local to Charlotte, NC, they quickly began to desire a national presence. They came to us asking how to increase revenue with ecommerce, and here’s how we helped them do so.

How to Increase Revenue in Ecommerce with Social Advertising launched online in March 2018. In May 2018, BeeSmart Social Media developed Facebook & Instagram ads to send traffic to the website with the goal of increasing online sales. Ads ran from May 2018 through August 2018.

Why do Facebook and Instagram Ads matter?

  • Facebook still remains one of the best platforms for businesses to
    reach their customers, drive leads to their websites, and increase their
  • The platform provides many different ways to target audiences, which is one answer to the question of how to increase revenue in ecommerce.
  • With so many people using the platform, that’s exactly where your leads
    and customers are also going to be.
  • The advertising platform offers robust audience targeting capabilities,
    ensuring your ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

Specific Targeting is How to Increase Revenue in Ecommerce

Using key insights based on Modern Muffin’s existing customers, we targeted ads to find similar, high-end consumers online. Lifestyle, behavior, and interests demographics were carefully chosen to control who saw the ads.

Expertise + High-Quality Content + Effective Targeting = Results

Clear upward momentum, and a 1,700% increase in online revenue, resulted from the four-month campaign. We were very happy with the results for this client as we helped them meet their goals.

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