One question I get asked all the time is how to create a successful influencer marketing campaign for an e-commerce brand? In this client campaign for Lusty Monk Mustard, we will walk you through a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Brand Alignment is How to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

When you visit you will see that it is a mustard and it has a unique brand voice. Firstly, the key to a successful influencer marketing campaign is making sure that whatever influencers you work with are in line with your brand voice and tone. You want to ensure there is an authentic brand alignment.


Influencer Research

Secondly, to execute a successful influencer marketing campaign, you will select the influencers. In this example, the influencer that we are going to talk about today is Chicago’s Cheese Preacher. Her Instagram handle is @CheeseSexDeath, so obviously there’s alignment between Lusty Monk Mustard and her Instagram handle. When we are researching influencers for clients, we are looking for a mix of the number of followers, posting activity, and engagement.

So, let’s break down Chicago’s Cheese Preacher:

            • Just over 33,000 followers (which is a good number)

            • Quite a bit of stories posted (shows recent activity)

            • A recent post had 581 likes, 11 comments

            • Another post had over 1,300 likes and 43 comments

With this data, you get a feel for how popular this influencer is.

Real vs. Fake Influence

The next step we take is a deeper dive into the comments section. We want to look at who is commenting (make sure it’s not the same person over and over again). By doing this deep dive it can help weed out fake influencers or people who have fake influence.

CheeseSexDeath is pretty popular and showcases a good mix of types of posts. As we investigate further, you can see there are a lot of different people posting- it’s not just the same people over and over again.

As you scroll down, we can show you the Instagram picture and influencer marketing campaign that we executed for Lusty Monk Mustard. The post received 502 likes which isn’t quite as much as some of this influencers’ other posts, but check out how many comments it had! 257 comments!


Product Samples

The next important feature of a successful influencer marketing campaign is product samples. As an eCommerce brand, you must be open to sending the influencer product and the type of content the influencer will create for you. For this campaign, the influencer wanted to do a giveaway.

Basically, this influencer ran a contest and gave away Lusty Monk Mustard. One of the great benefits of influencer marketing is that your influencers can produce really nice content for you. You can see this picture is just beautiful and this influencer did a phenomenal job at representing our brand. The likes and comments help to get the company name and product out in front of a much larger audience than she could reach by herself.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Data

Now let us pop over to Lusty Monk’s Instagram account. What you will see is that the imagery is somewhat similar here. The feeling and the vibe are somewhat like the CheeseSexDeath.  This is the match we were talking about. A cohesion of tone and visuals.  If you continue to scroll, you will see the reshare that we did of that contest. What does that mean real terms in terms of results?

Ultimately, this client wanted organic growth and that is what achieved for this campaign.

In the attached video, you can see how an example of our internal processes and how we track influencer data. This is key when asking how to create a successful influencer marketing campaign. This campaign took 48 days from the initial outreach to completion. It’s important to understand that it takes time for some of this stuff to actually happen.  There are a lot of back and forth conversations and negotiations about what you actually want the influencer to do with your content.


When you check out the Lusty Monk Mustard Case Study you will see that this was a successful influencer marketing campaign. One highlight from this campaign was the year on year data. For the week of this influencer marketing campaign, we looked at last year’s online sales versus this year’s online sales (2019 compared to 2020). Online sales grew 104%. We can’t say that ALL of it was due to the campaign we ran, but we can say a large portion of it was because it’s very specific to that window of time.  Another great stat:  from week to week, (the week prior to the influencer marketing campaign to the week of the campaign), sales grew 56%. That sales jump is an even better indicator of how well this influencer marketing campaign did and how influencer marketing can help your business.

Hire Experts

I hope this blog and video gives you an idea of how to run a successful influencer marketing campaign. I also hope that it helps you understand you would hire ecommerce marketing experts, like those at BeeSmart Social Media, to execute this type of campaign for your business. Remember, with this type of campaign there’s a lot of back and forth, there’s a lot of negotiation and if you’re not careful you can get scammed by fake influencers.

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