A great way to build your email list is with a Lead Magnet

Lead Magnets are downloadable content that someone must sign up for to receive. You can use lead magnets to your advantage in order to grow your email list.

How do you determine what to put into a lead magnet?

Email lists are important. We can all agree to that. But it’s getting harder and harder to build lists.

This is why we want to show you how to build your email list with lead magnets.


What does your target audience struggle with in their life?

Do you sell skincare products? How about information about “How to save time with your morning skincare routine”?

Maybe you sell a marinade product.  A download on “How to grill the perfect steak” might be perfect for your target audience.

What advice can you offer that is different than what’s already out there? Take the yes, and approach to what’s already out there.

For that skincare routine, maybe it’s setting out products the night before, or maybe there are two steps that you’ve found you can combine into one.

For steak – maybe it’s something new with the preparation, or with the grill, or even with the meat thermometer.

Then you put those steps into a download as a free guide – created easily in Canva.

To get the guide, you must get on the email list. Once they’re on the list, send an automated email sequence that plugs how your product can help with that list of things to do.

Go beyond just offering discounts for signing up. Think about how you can build your email list with lead magnets.

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