Here at BeeSmart, we take our clients through a three-step process when the ask us how to achieve customer loyalty, moving their brand from known to remembered to respected. But how do we do that? Well, the first step is we have to know where our client is on that spectrum so that we can determine what we need to do next. We have a questionnaire that we typically run through with every new client, and we’ve included the download to help you identify where you are in those three phases.

Be Known.

Let’s say you’ve determined your brand isn’t even known yet by most of your target audience. The first thing you’re going to do is you’ve got to nail down the brand messaging and the brand language. Those two pieces are the foundation of everything we do.

Be Remembered.

Let’s say your brand is known but not yet remembered. The next thing we do is get very focused on a very specific target audience. What we’ve found a lot of the times is that a company may be trying to target too many people and they haven’t really nailed down their best target audience. And so that’s what we typically help our clients figure out, is who should we be targeting with this brand message.

How to Achieve Customer Loyalty? Be Respected.

Now let’s say that you have figured out how to be remembered but you’re not yet respected. To go from remembered to respected, you want to focus on gathering up client testimonials from people who are really happy to work with you. At this stage, you’re also going to create some educational content. Once you have these, you will share them through a variety of vehicles from social media to email marketing.


We’re Respected. Now What?

Finally, your brand has reached the final stage of being respected.  After reaching this final phase you are going to focus on retargeting to nurture existing leads through your pipeline. You’re also going to focus on marketing to your existing customers and clients to increase client retention and to encourage repeat business.

A very important thing to remember about this process is that it’s a process and a cycle. So, as new people enter the target audience, you must walk them through the entire three-phase process. The cycle continues forever!

For a brand to be the absolute clear choice and to build a loyal client and customer base, you must give your target audience a clear path to get there. This process of going from known to remembered to respected is that pathway.

Wonder where your brand currently falls with your target audience? Download our Known, Remembered, Respected worksheet, or contact the experts at BeeSmart Social Media today.