Do you want your target audience to know how awesome your brand is? Of course you do. Every brand wants that. One of the secrets to getting that done is to get third parties involved in your marketing efforts.

How Does Influencer Marketing Work? It Starts with a 3rd Party: 

A third party is just somebody who is perceived by your target audience as an outsider to your company. This is typically customers and clients. It could also be employees in the right situation, and it could also be influencers.

Why does influencer marketing work for marketing?

Think about it. When somebody perceived as inside a company or inside a brand says how awesome the brand is, what does that do? That brings out the cynic in all of us because we I think as a human race just assume that that person is trying to sell something to us. But when a third party talks about a brand and praises a brand, it’s usually received as welcome insights into that brand. This is why ecommerce influencer marketing works great for product brands.

How do you get started?

how-does-influencer-marketing-workThe first thing is you have to identify your existing brand advocates, those customers and those people who, they’re behind your brand. They believe in you, they believe in your company, they believe in the brand, and they want to help you. They want to help your brand grow. So you put together a marketing initiative for them to help them help you. You tell them kind of what you need. Now, don’t get too pushy with it, but you tell them what you need, and you just ask for their help once in a while, and that can be done through email marketing, it can be done through social media. It can be done through good old-fashioned picking up the phone and calling them once in a while. Once you have that established, then your goal is going to be to continue to add brand advocates to that process, and so you have a good amount of people out there talking about your business.

Now What?

Influencers are people who probably have no idea about your brand, but what they’ve done is they’ve built up an online following of their own, so they have an engaged audience on social media, on their blogs, and in their email lists who are open to hearing that influencer’s opinions on certain companies, certain products, and certain services. So you can then start to work with influencers in that way to have them promote your business on their own social channels, and we’ve found that that actually works better for our clients than running a lot of advertising. Advertising still has its place, but third party involvement, third party testimonials, and working with influencers actually works better than a lot of advertising campaigns will.

There’s one truth about marketing. Marketing is constantly changing and it’s going to continue to evolve, but one thing that hasn’t changed in a very long time is that word-of-mouth marketing is still pure gold when it comes to promoting a business and generating leads for that company. If you can get third parties involved in promoting your company and promoting your brand, that is going to generate word-of-mouth marketing, and that will make almost all of your marketing initiatives more successful and you’ll get more traction with pretty much any marketing initiative you put out there.

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