How do I post to my company’s Facebook Page?

How do I post to my company’s Facebook Page?

So you’ve started a Facebook page for your business. Good job!

Now what?

It’s time to post on your company’s page! Unlike your website, which is made to offer consistent information for a long time, social media is always changing. The audience for your company’s Facebook page expects it to be a dynamic place full of timely posts.

It’s important to post regular updates on your Facebook business page after you set it up, so our goal is to help you post in the right place and avoid mixing business and pleasure.

Avoid mixing business and personal posts on Facebook. 

Until you’ve gotten used to switching between your business and personal profiles, you might feel lost in space. You don’t want to bombard your friends with business updates, and you’d prefer not to share your personal life with your clients. If you’re technology-phobic or new to (actually posting on) Facebook, keeping your messages separate can be a tall order.

Why have both kinds of Facebook accounts?

Think of your personal Facebook profile as the checking account the bank requires before they’ll give you a savings account. All Facebook business pages need to be started by an individual, so it’s important to set up your personal profile first (even if you don’t intend to post there). Once you’ve proven to Facebook that you’re a bona fide human, you’re set up one company page or many.

Consider how online banking works.

Have you done any banking online? The relationship between your personal and business Facebook profiles is similar to the relationship between your checking and savings accounts. When you log onto online banking, you only have one login, but you have access to both your checking and savings account. There’s one login for the bank, but you can move between your accounts. Just like when you transfer money, it’s important to double check which account you’re posting to. Once you know how to do that, keeping your accounts separate is easy.

So – Here’s how to post to your company’s Facebook page!

Facebook’s options and configuration change all the time, so we’ll keep you updated whenever we can keep up!

Post from the Facebook App on your Phone:

Open the Facebook App – When you first log in, you’ll automatically be using your personal account.

Move to your Business Page – Click the hamburger icon. You’ll see the name of your company page pop up. Click on it.

Click Publish – Write your message. Then use the options to add a photo or video from your phone, stream using Facebook Live Video, Chick In at your location, or share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing.

Continue – When your post contains all the components you want to share, click Continue.

Schedule – The default option is Publish Now. If you want to schedule your post for a time in the future or save it as a draft, click the “When will this be published?” prompt and choose your scheduling option.  Then click Done.

Save, Publish, or Schedule – there’s still another step after “Done.” Be sure to click save, publish, or schedule on the next screen, or you’ll lose your update.

That’s it! After posting, you’ll be dropped off right on your company page. Scroll down to see your post.

You still have more options!

Not happy with your post? Click the downward-pointing arrow at the top of the post to expose more options. You can edit the post, delete it, or pin it to the top of your company page so that every visitor sees it right away.

Post to Facebook from your Computer:

Log into Facebook – Your personal profile is the first place you’ll end up, so this isn’t where you want to post.

Move to your Company Page – There are lots of ways to access your company page(s). Find it under “Favorites” to the left of the screen, or click the downward pointing arrow in the top right corner of your browser window. Click the page you want to post to under “Pages.”

Pick your Post Type – Did you think that posts were all you could post? Not anymore. To post a simple update, stick with Status. If you have an Offer, Event, Milestone, or Note (longer post) to share, you can choose those options here. The options under Photo/Video will boggle your mind; fortunately, you can add a photo or video to any Status.

Add a Link – The easiest way to add a link to a post on your company’s Facebook page is simply to copy the URL (web address) of the page you want to share, then paste it into the Status box on Facebook. When you do, a preview of the linked page will pop up in your update. With the preview visible, you can delete the URL from your post or leave it in. Regardless, clicking the preview will take visitors to your linked page. Whenever possible, add a comment that tells your audience why this resource is valuable to them. This is your opportunity to entertain, inform, or educate. Don’t forget to link to the pages on your own website from time to time!

Publish – Type your thoughts, add your images, and then decide when the post should go live. Clicking Publish will post the update right away, but the little arrow next to it will give you options to Schedule the post for later, Backdate to fill gaps in your feed, or Save the Draft for later.

Edit – If you’ve chosen to publish right away, you’ll see your live post. If you don’t like something about it, use the downward-pointing arrow at the top right of the post to see more options. You can edit your post, change the date, hide it from your timeline, delete the post altogether, or pin it to the top of your page.

Proceed with confidence!

Now that you know how to post updates and make sure they’ll be seen by your professional contacts, it’s time to fill your feed! By following these instructions, you can be confident that you’re posting the right stuff in the right place. It only gets easier from here! Try using the Scheduling option to line up posts for a whole week at a time.

If you still have questions, or you just need to outsource your company’s social media, send me an email: Julie@beesmartsocialmedia.com. I’m happy to help!

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