How Blue-J Cleaning Reached 8,399 More People


How Blue-J Cleaning Reached 8,399 More People


“Julie and her team at BeeSmart Social Media have a heart for my small businesses. That became evident to me as I sat across from Julie, 3 years ago over lunch, as she genuinely listened to my Blue-J story. Julie and her team at BeeSmart Social Media can reach a wider audience than I ever could by working their magic (behind the scenes).”


Janet Schultz, Founder

Blue-J Cleaning

Client Snapshot

  • Company: Blue-J Cleaning
  • Location: Concord, NC
  • Number of Employees: less than 10
  • Challenges: 
    • Local awareness of services
    • Promoting licensing opportunity
  • Solutions: 
    • Facebook and LinkedIn posts
    • Facebook ads
  • Results:
    • 255% increase in visibility
    • Positive online reputation
    • Improved engagement
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About Blue-J Cleaning

Blue-J Cleaning, located in Concord, NC, offers small office cleaning services in Cabarrus County and the greater Charlotte, NC area. Founder, Janet Schultz, operates Blue-J Cleaning on these three, guiding principles.

  1. Blue-J gives businesses of any size, in any industry, the ability to offer their clients and employees a healthier setting by using a locally crafted, non-hazardous and Eco-Friendly cleaning product.
  2. Blue-J offers our clients a value, as a detail-driven, consistent cleaning company, which operates through relationships, not transactions.
  3. Blue-J predominately employs individuals on the Autism Spectrum because of their unique attributes and strong work ethic. Blue-J also gives back to the community through volunteer work and we educate the public about Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We at BeeSmart Social Media are proud to call Blue-J Cleaning a client, and look forward to many more years of working together!

Social Media Services BeeSmart Provides to Blue-J

  • Post to Facebook and LinkedIn 3 times per week
  • Create, run, and monitor Facebook ads to promote business-licensing opportunity
  • Edit and create videos from client’s raw video footage (taken with a tablet)
  • Incorporate unique, Autism-awareness content
  • Promote free events and community involvement
  • Find balance between Autism-awareness posts and relevant, business-related posts
  • Provide guidance in taking business strategy changes to market, and promoting on social media
  • Create, and send, email newsletters to growing list of subscribers

Social Media Results

Facebook Visibility Increased by 255%

  • Before we started working with Blue-J, their total reach on Facebook was 3,299 people.
  • In August 2017, of our work on Blue-J has resulted in a total reach of 11,698 people.

That’s an increase of 8,399 people seeing Blue-J on Facebook!

Before - Total Reach = 3,299 People

After- Total Reach = 11,698 People


What is Facebook Reach? Facebook reach is the number of people who see a company’s Facebook posts. Each reach counted represents ONE individual. So, if a person sees a company’s Facebook posts 5 times, that is only counted as ONE reach. Facebook reach is one of the ways we measure improvements in online visibility and awareness for our clients.

Engagement on Key Posts

This Facebook post was to promote an upcoming Blue-J event. The objective was to reach the Charlotte, NC Autism community, especially parents of young adults who have Autism. Results were impressive.

  • 12,854 people saw the post, which greatly increased the visibility and awareness of this event.
  • 358 people liked the post, which also helped visibility.
  • 22 people shared this post, which is the BEST type of engagement to receive, and often difficult to achieve. The sharing made this post go viral, leading to even more engagement.

Building a 5-Star Reputation Online

In our work together, we’ve encouraged online reviews for Blue-J. Reviews build social proof for our clients, and they help our clients increase interest in their business. Online reviews can also help our clients CLOSE business that may be making a final decision. The text from reviews can also be used in other marketing, for example on the client’s website.


Blue-J Cleaning Behind the Scenes

Blue-J Cleaning is the vision of Janet Schultz and began its development in November 2012.

Blue-J’s purpose is to provide the community with environmentally conscious cleaning services through the use of eco-friendly products and practices. An additional, yet equally important, goal of Blue-J’s is to employ individuals living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), assisting them in leading autonomous and sustainable lives.

  • Brian Winch
    October 17, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    Bless you for hiring people with an ASD. You truly are making a positive impact in your community!

      • Brian Winch
        October 17, 2017 at 4:49 pm

        I’ve shared their story on and with my groups on LinkedIn with the hope it goes viral.

  • Bob Berris
    October 23, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    That is truly an “Inspiration for America” (Lester Holt, Nightly News) type story. I wholeheartedly suggest you submit it to him and NBC. I record Nightly news because I believe that local news is depressing America, and most watch at 11 PM lastly before bedtime. This is conclusively a reason for mass depression, and I kid you not! So the news is all news, world news, lighter for the most part and always has the American Inspiration at the end of each weekday. I am humbly pushing you here….they would LOVE this!



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