How BeeSmart Serves You

You now know why we do what we do, but HOW do we do it?

As Simon Sinek says in his book Start With Why, an organization’s “Hows” are, “Your values or principles that guide how to bring your cause to life….they have to be verbs…[that give us] a clear idea of how to act in any situation. We can hold each other accountable to measure them or even build incentives around them.”How-Page

How We Serve You

How do we help level the social media marketing playing field for entrepreneurs?

We’ve built efficient, effective, and strategic delivery systems designed for entrepreneurs and micro-businesses. By building these systems, we’re able to provide affordable social media marketing plans.

We can provide cheap social media plans because we:

Eliminate budget and business size as a barrier to our services.

Challenge the idea that it should cost a lot of money to buy good business services.

Support the American Dream of entrepreneurship.

Create and implement incredibly effective and efficient systems in all aspects of our work. We cut out red tape.

Concentrate and focus our clients’ social media efforts.

Honor vulnerability in entrepreneurs (including ourselves). When an entrepreneur says, “I need help and have no idea how to make it happen,” we shine brightest. Often the best breakthroughs in business happen when we’re most vulnerable.

Discourage arrogance. We ask everyone to check their ego at the door.  There’s no “i” in team.

-Do what is right instead of what is easy. Could we charge more for the services we offer? Yes. Do we? No, because it’s contrary to our beliefs.

Our How Process

Our process for discovering and working through each of the “Hows” wasn’t easy. To understand how BeeSmart Social Media got here, we have to share a story from our past.

There was a time when BeeSmart served medium-sized businesses. Up until 2013, we focused on serving those medium-sized businesses because we were told to “follow the money.”

Something wasn’t right though. We were existing to help medium-sized businesses get richer, not become better businesses. We wanted to work with businesses that wanted to be better first, and then richer. There’s nothing wrong with getting richer; we all hope to get there, right?

But when getting richer becomes the ONLY reason you’re doing something, it starts to feel icky. We can’t really explain it; there’s just an “ick” factor.

We don’t like the “ick” factor. And while we enjoyed the financial benefit of working with medium-sized companies, we felt that “ick” factor from working with them. It was ALL about the money.

So, we had to change who we selected as clients. We had to change who we picked to be on our team. We decided to work exclusively with passionate entrepreneurs and the business owners of micro-businesses.

We knew we’d have to create services entrepreneurs could afford, for under $100/month. We also believed that we could provide good services that were worth more than what we charged, challenging the idea that good marketing services should cost big bucks.

We made these changes because we want to help the American Dream.

How Lead to Affordable Social Media

After going through the above process and landing on our “Hows”, we created our cheap social media plans.

We haven’t looked back. We now serve many clients from across many industries, and we have a good time doing it.

If you’d like to learn more about our plans, give us a call at 980-292-1718, or contact us through our web form!