Start these Holiday Sales Strategies Now (and Get a Jump on Your Competitors)

There are two parts to a successful Holiday sales strategy for any eCommerce brand. 1) The building phase, which is pretty much now until October 15th – ish, and 2) The activation phase, which is during the actual Holiday season. The building phase is something you can work on right now, and it will make your Holiday marketing plans more effective.


Kicking off your holiday sales strategy

Think of the building phase as the time you build your foundation, test ideas, and grow your audience before you get into the Holiday season. There are two things to focus on during this time.

First, you want to engage with your current customers.

There are many ways to do so, but email is usually the most cost-effective means of engaging. You can also engage with customers on social media. Whatever you do, make sure you’re doing something to prep them for the Holidays (a sneak peek at new products, perhaps?). This will help you convert on the in-season campaigns you’ll run.

Second, focus on engaging with new potential customers.

Ad costs soar during the Holiday season, so getting in front of potential new customers NOW is a big part of keeping your costs down LATER. To do this, I usually suggest an ads campaign focused on engagement. This is a great time to test as much as you can – messages, images, videos – to see what resonates (and what doesn’t). You can also test target audience demographics to see who engages the most.


The goal of the building phase is to get people ready to buy from you during the shopping season. If you focus on building up your brand during this time, you’ll have more success during the Holidays!

So go ahead and begin executing on these holiday sales strategies.  Giving yourself a couple of months to build up to the Holidays will put you ahead of most of your competitors, and help you stand out from the noise during the hustle and bustle.

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