How to Use Hashtags for Business Growth

Recently, I did a video about how to research hashtags. Today, I’m going to talk about how to use hashtags for business growth effectively on Instagram.

I’m sure you’re saying, “Okay Julie. I got it. I put hashtags in my posts, that’s all I need to know.” But wait! You can use hashtags for business growth, which is much more than just for posting and just for tagging your content.

4 Ways That We Use Hashtags for Business Growth on Instagram

It’s really important to know how to use hashtags effectively on Instagram for maker brands. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  I’m happy to talk with you!


1. Search.

The first way to use hashtags for business growth that goes beyond posting is through search. You can search based on a hashtag and find potential customers, influencers, and competitors. By using the search tool you can see who is using hashtags and how they’re using them. Gather some insights into what industry people are talking about!  That is really important because it can inform future content that can inform future marketing strategies.

2. Engagement.

The second way you can use hashtags effectively on Instagram is you can use them to find people to engage with.  Talk to potential customers.  Maybe even influencers.  You can also use hashtags in comments to engage.  That is a fun way to comment back to someone if you want to engage with them.  It usually attracts a little bit more attention and who knows, they may end up following your account after that type of conversation.


3. Content Inspiration.

The third way to use hashtags effectively on Instagram is to find content inspiration. Look at hashtags that you’re considering and definitely look at hashtags you’re already using.  See what types of content are being posted under that hashtag.  That is a really valuable tool because you’ll be able to see how many people like or comment on a certain post.  This is a great exercise because it will give you ideas for content and ideas for additional hashtags (which sometimes can be a struggle!)

4. Spying.

Finally, you can spy on your competitors with hashtags. But you can also go a little bit deeper with that. Look to see who’s following them.  Maybe those are people that you want to engage with? You can use hashtags to see what influencers they’re working with.  Maybe those are influencers you want to work with? Using hashtags for business growth in this way can help you cut down on some of that type of research.

Now, I’m not suggesting you copy your competitors (not even remotely), but it is good to know what they’re doing. You may find content that’s resonating with your client base.  Something that you can draw inspiration from and then make it your own.

Those are just four ways you can use hashtags for business growth effectively on Instagram. Some of it involves engagement, some of it involves just watching what’s going on. Take notes! I hope you found this information helpful. I wanted to give you a little bit more in-depth ways to use them instead of just focusing on posting them within your content. As always, if you have any questions-  reach out!  We do this every single day for a lot of our clients so we’re pretty good at it and we can probably help you sort through some things as well.

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