Facebook Likes Are Important

Facebook Likes Are Important

Facebook Likes sometimes get overlooked as an important social media marketing tool for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and micro-businesses. Some social media experts say it does not matter how many people like your company’s Facebook Page; that those Likes are not important.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

Why Your Company’s Facebook Page Likes ARE Important

There are several reasons why your small business Facebook Page Likes are important. These reasons are often overlooked in social media marketing plans, but should not be forgotten about when marketing your small business.

Number’s Game

Most entrepreneurial and micro-business social media marketing experts preach the importance of quality over quantity. For the most part, regardless of what marketing metric is in discussion, (engagement, what websites to advertise on, etc.), many believe quality is more important than quantity.
I agree that quality is more important than quantity. However, quantity has a role in marketing as well. In traditional marketing outlets (TV, radio, or print publications), small business owners want to know how many people they can potentially REACH in those mediums. This is quantity. As business owners, we know that not all of these people are potential customers – some aren’t a good fit. But here’s the thing – the people who aren’t a good fit may become a good fit later on, OR they may know someone who IS a good fit RIGHT NOW.

All other variables aside, if you had to choose between advertising in a magazine that serves 4,000 subscribers versus one that serves 10,000 subscribers, which would you select?

A similar principle is at work on Facebook. The more Facebook Likes your small business Page has, the more people who will have a chance to see your company’s content. If your company’s Facebook Page has 300 Likes, and your competitor’s Page has 3,000 Likes, your target audience has a greater chance of seeing updates from your competitor than from you.

Please note: I’m writing this under the assumption that you have not purchased Likes from Fiverr or any other “buy Likes” type of websites. If you do that, very few people in your target audience will see your updates no matter how many Likes you have, because Facebook recognizes those Likes as fake.

Simply put, more people liking your Facebook Page means more opportunity for your company to stay top of mind with those people.

I know what you’re saying. How do I do this, though? I have no idea how to get more Likes on Facebook, and I also don’t have the time. Did I mention I’m an entrepreneur on a limited budget? There are reputable companies providing effective, affordable social media marketing services  (and Facebook Terms of Service compliant) growth of Facebook Likes. If you do not have time to invest yourself, consider investing with one of those companies.

Facebook Likes Lead To Brand Familiarity

The most important way your small business Facebook Page Likes positively impact your business? Brand recognition and familiarity.

Most of us running a small business have heard it takes 7-15 exposures to our business before a prospect becomes a client. Facebook provides an amazing tool to reach those 7-15 exposures on a its social network, which your prospects use EVERY DAY! Here’s what that looks like:

Exposure 1: Prospect sees a post by your company on Facebook and remembers your company’s name.

Exposure 2: Prospect sees another post by your company, recognizes your company from the first exposure, and Likes your Page.

Exposure 3-5: Prospect sees more of your Facebook posts, and enjoys them. She also goes to your website to check it out.

Exposure 6-10: Prospect becomes more engaged with your Facebook posts by commenting, liking, and sharing those posts.

Exposure 11-14: Prospect continues to be impressed by your Facebook posts, and decides she would like to learn more about your company. She gives your company a call, or fills out a web form.

If your company had not posted to Facebook, this prospect may never have learned about your company. After that 2nd exposure, she decided to Like your Company’s Facebook Page. From then on, she was a Fan of your company, and wanted to get to know more about your business.

In the past, this type of brand recognition cost thousands of dollars to achieve on the radio, on TV, and in print publications. But now it’s available to any business that takes advantage of it!

Facebook Likes Validate Your Business

A company that has a Facebook Page with a respectable number of Likes appears to be a well-established business in the eyes of a future customer.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs do not want to believe this. They often say they do not use Facebook Likes as a determining factor for whom they will do business, so they assume their potential customers also think that way.

Newsflash – your potential customers use the Internet differently than you do.

I’m not saying every consumer goes to a company’s Facebook Page before deciding to do business (or not) with that company. But a growing number of people DO use Facebook to weed out companies they WON’T call. Don’t be one of those companies.

Let’s say you provide business coaching services to small business owners. Awesome! Now, let’s say Sally Entrepreneur  needs a business coach, and she heard about you from someone in her network. She goes to Google and searches for your company’s name. Your website is the first item that comes up. She goes to your website, and likes what she sees. She then clicks on the little Facebook icon on your website that takes her to your company’s Facebook Page, and….


Your company only has 78 Facebook Likes. How can that be? If you’re such a reputable company and have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, why do only 78 people like your Facebook Page?

Hmmm…Sally begins to wonder if you’re a legit business. She may still call you, but will that Facebook impression linger?

Why risk it in the first place? A respectable number of Facebook Likes for a local business could be as few as 200 (if you’re a B2B business). If you’re a B2C business, serving consumers, you’ll want a higher  number depending on what you do.

No matter what we want to believe, the number of Facebook Likes on a company’s Page does have the potential to impact a consumer’s initial impression of your business. Make a good first impression!

Facebook Likes Do Matter

While Facebook Likes for your company’s Page are not the most important piece of your marketing mix, they DO matter for numerous reasons. The more Likes your small business Facebook Page has, the higher the chance a potential customer will see it, and act on it. Higher Facebook Page Likes for entrepreneurs and micro-business owners also validate those businesses as being legitimate establishments.

In the marketing numbers game, quality, as opposed to quantity, usually gets the most attention. There are times in social media marketing though, when going for quantity makes sense.

We are entrepreneurs here at BeeSmart, so we understand your time constraints. If you do not have time to implement social media for your small business, check out some of our social media services. They may be what your company needs to increase your Facebook Page Likes and brand recognition in your market.

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