Email Marketing in Charlotte, NC

Everyone checks their email, at least once if not multiple times a day. If we’re being honest, most of even have our phones set up to notify us every time a new message makes its way to our inbox. This is why it’s always surprising when we hear a business say that they don’t think email is relevant today as a means of marketing their brand and reaching out to customers. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

Email marketing is more valuable today than ever, and it isn’t going anywhere. When asked, 73% of millennials – who currently make up a huge portion of the consumer market – identify email as their preferred means of business communication.

This means one thing – businesses of all sizes need email marketing as part of their overall strategy for growing their brand. At BeeSmart Social Media we can help you accomplish your email marketing goals.

Email Marketing Is About Personalization That Nurtures Customers Along the Sales Journey

You’ve probably noticed that there’s a ton of competition for businesses today, especially on digital platforms. You’d be hard pressed to find a successful brand that isn’t on social media or promoting their latest blog. Expanding competition isn’t just a challenge for you, it’s also changed how consumers feel about brand relationships today.

With so much generic content coming their way, consumers crave personalization. They want to know that a brand is invested in them personally and is willing to take the time to cultivate a long-standing relationship. There is no better way of accomplishing this than through email. Maybe this is why 80% of professionals say that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention.

Why Small Businesses Need an Email Marketing Partner

Let’s start by looking at this from a practical perspective. You’re busy growing a business, how much time do you have to really devote to email marketing and management? It’s time consuming and generating the results your business is looking for takes more than sending out a few spammy emails and hoping for the best.

An email marketing company, like BeeSmart, not only helps businesses create customized email campaigns, but also does the heavy lifting work of implementation and analyzing results. From template creation to generating subscription growth and every little step in between, we produce impressive results while freeing you up to focus on further building the customer relationships that email marketing helped form.

A Complete Solution for Winning Email Marketing Campaigns

We’ve made it our priority to understand your audience and how to reach out to them through winning email marketing campaigns. We come at it with an approach that looks at every element and we work with you to nurture leads, inform and provide value to your customers, maintain relationships through the right type of content at exactly the right time and build an ever-growing subscriber base.

Our solutions are customized, complete and built to perform with results you’ll notice. If you’re ready to see serious growth for your business, we’re ready to talk about the email marketing plan that’s going to help you reach your goals. Contact BeeSmart Social Media today to learn more.