Shopify marketing improvements comes down to a few factors – engagement, traffic, and conversion rate improvements. Our ecommerce marketing services take care of these items for you, so that you can focus on what you do best – product improvements, customer service, and new product development. We focus on gaining, maintaining, and growing traction for your brand. This not only fuels first-time customers; it also generates loyal customers who buy repeatedly.

Increasing sales also needs to happen with consistency. It’s great when a campaign goes live and our clients experience a short-term increase in online sales. Our goal, though, is to also build a community of loyal customers who will purchase from you for years to come. No matter the tactic, the outcomes are similar – more online sales for small batch creators.
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Our ecommerce marketing services will fuel your revenue growth and expand your brand’s awareness by providing customized ecommerce digital marketing services for your unique needs. Using a blend of social media services & PR, we will provide a boutique experience with our in-house, US-based marketing experts on the BeeSmart team.

BeeSmart will create strategies and implement tactics for your specific niche. As stewards of your brand, BeeSmart Social Media will cultivate a passionate base of loyal customers who love your brand, who value and share your social mission, and who buy your products because they believe in the mission and vision that drive your business. Learn more…

You call yourself an online store owner. We call you our favorite clients! No matter how you identify your brand, BeeSmart has been helping brands like yours grow since 2008 with ecommerce social media marketing. Our number one priority in serving you is maintaining your brand integrity in all we do.

Whether you’re looking for ecommerce marketing services like influencer marketing, social media advertising, or services that help increase online sales, BeeSmart can help. Check out some of our indie-maker success stories for brands like yours. When you’re ready, reach out – we’re happy to have a no-pressure video chat or phone call with you. Learn more…

BeeSmart has provided ecommerce advertising to online store owners for many years.  With our ecommerce marketing services, we can be your team member to keep your brand’s ecommerce ads and strategies current, on trend, and up to date with the latest social network innovations to ensure your marketing efforts help grow your business.

From ROAS to ROI, the BeeSmart team works with founders, owners, and marketing teams to improve results. No matter your internal structure, we can jump in and become a seamless part of your team. Learn more…

Have you tried influencer marketing for your online store business? At BeeSmart, we have run many ecommerce influencer marketing campaigns. We find that those who have managed their own campaigns can improve on them with some tweaks. If you have never run influencer marketing for your brand, it’s definitely something worth exploring.

Influencer marketing is something you can implement on your own, so why do you work with a company like ours? First, we know what you should pay. Second, we have a vetted list of influencers we’ve already worked with that often are good fits for most of our new clients. Third, we know how to negotiate with influencers to get the best deal for our clients. Learn more…

Influencer marketing for product brands came onto the marketing scene around 2013 and has continued to grow as a credible marketing channel since then. Some brands choose influencer marketing before social advertising these days. At BeeSmart, we only work with influencers who have an authentic following. When selecting influencers to work with our clients, we make sure the influencers align with our clients’ brand values.

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes, from those with a few thousand followers, to those with millions of subscribers. Some focus on discussing specific niches, like cooking, technology, or toys. Others tend to stay broad in their content, discussing their lifestyle. Selecting and negotiating with influencers can be confusing, which is why many brands choose us to help them with this process. Learn more…

Public relations are part of our ecommerce marketing services. We mix various forms of media and marketing channels, like social media, a blog, a printed publication, a podcast, and a TV appearance, to promote a company. The BeeSmart team has worked with several online and offline media outlets as an ecommerce PR agency to promote our clients, and can match your brand with authentic outlets that align with your company’s mission and values.

While most businesses brands can benefit from this work, it does not normally offer a quick turnaround, and should be an ongoing, consistent effort. This enables us to build a portfolio of media for our clients that will give them more credibility when approaching the next-level opportunities. Learn more…

We are your brand stewards. Your biggest cheerleaders.

We want to help you succeed with our ecommerce marketing services!

Gain Traction

Go from known, to remembered, to respected. Grow your brand awareness and enhance your social impact. 

Save Time

You don’t have to train yourself, or your team, on social media. Save time by outsourcing to your team members at BeeSmart.

Grow Your Business

Grow your business by gaining loyal customers who buy because they believe in your brand and your social mission.