Ecommerce Influencer Marketing for Online Stores

Grow your community with ecommerce influencer marketing.

Reach More People with Ecommerce Influencer Marketing

You have great products – ones you’ve poured your heart and soul into creating and curating. Almost everyone who tries your products loves them, and returns to buy more.

But more people need to know about your products, and there’s only so many shows and pop-ups one can do in a day.

If this sounds like you, our influencer marketing programs might be a good fit. We can also pair this with some of our other services. 


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Why Choose BeeSmart for Ecommerce Influencer Marketing?

Maybe you do not like the idea of influencer marketing, but you are open to learning more.

Maybe you’ve tried it and it didn’t work. You sent a product off to someone who agreed to post about it, but they didn’t deliver.
Or you paid an influencer with money and product and weren’t happy with the results.

And yet you know this is something that CAN work for your brand.

You hire us because of our experience. We’ve managed many successful influencer marketing campaigns for clients that drive real, online sales.

Ecommerce Influencer Marketing Process

A handcrafted approach to ensure successful campaigns.

Step 1


Establish goals, budget, and content theme. Match best-fit influencers.

Step 2


Contact brand-aligned influencers. Negotiate terms and content usage.

Step 3


Ensure influencer delivers on agreed-upon terms. Request changes to content.

Step 4


Track and report results, improve next campaign, and onto the next!