For Lusty Monk Mustard, e commerce success factors included great brand photography, a witty sense of humor, a great product, and social media outreach and engagement. Read on to learn more about the e commerce success factors we found crucial to success.

50% Revenue Growth

50% year-over-year revenue increase was seen by Lusty Monk, when comparing January-February 2019 to January-February 2020.

78 New Customers

Instagram posts, outreach, and influencer marketing created this growth, leading to 78 NEW ECOMMERCE CUSTOMERS in February 2020 alone.

104% Sales Increase

From an influencer marketing campaign, when compared to the same time frame in the previous year (Feb. 4-11, 2019 vs. 2020).

Influencer Marketing Success

A 56% revenue increase was seen from the week prior to the Influencer campaign (Jan. 27-Feb. 3, 2020).

203% ROI

In January & February 2020, Lusty Monk Mustard experienced a 203% return on their investment in on our services.

Collaborative Effort

When a great product is combined with our strategic services, great things can happen!

E Commerce Success Factors – a Project Brief

Lusty Monk makes spicy, coarse-ground, small-batch mustard with a signature kick. A favorite among chefs and foodies, Lusty Monk was already on the shelves of many well-known, chain grocery stores. Seeking to organically expand its reach and grow revenue through e commerce success factors, Lusty Monk is collaborating with BeeSmart to achieve online brand expansion to help achieve their growth goals.


  • Little social media presence

  • Client prefers organic (no ads) approach

  • Major retailer closing

  • Unique voice & tone


  • Instagram & tagged content sharing

  • Influencer marketing

  • Outreach & engagement with smaller retailers

  • Brand & content strategy services

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“I’m so impressed, you’re kicking ass! Nice work!”    Kelly, founder

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Skills Needed to Reach E Commerce Success Factors

BeeSmart has used a variety of skills for Lusty Monk Mustard’s project to identify the e commerce success factors needed. With the unique voice and tone of the brand, our skilled team adapted messaging to stay on-brand with content marketing and engagement efforts. When starting the project, Lusty Monk had very little brand presence on social media, and did not want to use Facebook. This required us to rely on our Instagram inbound and outbound marketing tactics, including a focus on ecommerce influencer marketing,  to achieve goals.

Influencer Marketing
Content Strategy
Instagram Marketing
Sense of Humor

About Lusty Monk Mustard

Lusty Monk Mustard was started, by accident, in 2007. Originally created for patrons of a local bar to put on their bar pretzels, Lusty Monk is now known and loved throughout the Southeast (and beyond). Their social missions include supporting lifelong learning and river conservation efforts.

BeeSmart’s Perspective

We love working with Kelly and the Lusty Monk Mustard brand, and we’re happy we’ve found some e commerce success factors to implement for them. The brand’s sassy tone, the excited fans, and the collaborative nature both teams bring to the table make the handmade business social media campaigns very enjoyable. Not to mention the mustard itself is AH-MAZ-ING! It’s refreshing to see a small business grow from humble beginnings to where Lusty Monk is today.

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