Understanding Customer Journey Marketing for ecommerce is crucial for your business.

What is the eCommerce customer journey and why is it important?

It is crucial for you to know your customer’s journey through the buying process.

Makers, artisans, handcrafters… do you understand the eCommerce customer journey? Oftentimes the only interaction you have with a customer is through your online content. Hopefully, customers purchase from you and repeat purchase from you.

The way that you speak to customers online through your marketing content will determine if they become a customer. Hopefully a loyal customer.


The five phases of an ecommerce customer journey.

In a customer’s buying journey, there are at least five phases. You are moving them from a stranger (a customer who has never heard about you) to hopefully a loyal brand ambassador.  It is important to know where customers are in their minds at each phase of the eCommerce customer journey because your marketing content must serve each phase differently.

Content along the journey.

The content that you serve to somebody who has never heard of your brand is going to be a lot different than the content you might give to a loyal ambassador (someone who has purchased 10 times from your brand).  The content you might serve to someone who has visited your website but has not made a purchase is going to be different than the content you show them if they have made a purchase before. You must know where the customer is at each phase of the process and you must know what those steps are for them.


Your first customer’s buyer journey might very well be stranger to website visitor to purchaser to repeat purchaser to loyal ambassador.

Map out the eCommerce customer journey for your business.

Keep it simple at first. If you can, try to keep it to those five phases in a process.

If you have any questions about your customer’s journey, please reach out. I am happy to go over that with you and have a discussion to try to figure those steps out for your business. In the future, we will do more videos about what type of content customers should be getting in each of those phases.

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