How We Combine Culture and Motivation in the Workplace

I believe so deeply that culture is important. Culture is the most important thing in companies.  I believe that more today than I did a year ago. I believe that more right now than I did probably even a month ago.

At BeeSmart Social Media we have five core values- five culture points. They are not just words written down somewhere on a wall or our website.  They are practiced.  We do our absolute best to live our culture points every day.

Here are some examples of culture and motivation in the workplace

The culture point I want to highlight today is generosity. Some examples of how we practice our generosity culture include every month BeeSmart donates a set amount of money to every employee’s non-profit of choice. This is one place where culture and motivation in the workplace combine.


Another thing that I often do is I give employees additional paid time off during the holidays so that they can have more time with their friends and their family. Even our part-time employees get that paid time off too.

We also practice our generosity culture by sharing information. We share it with each other, and we share it with our clients. That’s another way our culture and motivation in the workplace show up.

There is not information hoarding that you might see at other places where people try to protect their jobs by holding on to information. That doesn’t happen here.

We are very generous with the information we share with each other as well as information we share with people outside of the organization. All our regular monthly clients get unlimited calls, emails, and video chats from us. That is a very generous thing we do. We know competitors charge for that. We don’t. It would go against our culture point of being generous. Charging for that type of service is not who we are as a company.


Finally, we combine culture and motivation in the workplace by giving away a lot of knowledge online. On YouTube, on our ecommerce marketing blog, through videos like this because that is just how we roll. That is how we operate. It is how I’ve always operated, and I’m thrilled to have employees that also support that vision and believe in that vision as well.  At BeeSmart, our core values are not just words on a website or words written on a wall and forgotten their actions. They are woven into the fabric of BeeSmart Social Media and that is what makes us special as a company as a team and as a leader in this industry.