At BeeSmart we offer cross platform social media strategy services. But what is that? Well, cross-media promotion basically takes a client’s content and helps them promote their company across a variety of media outlets. So, it could be social media, it could be traditional PR publications, it could be print magazines, it could be TV placements, websites, or email, it just depends on the client.

How Cross Platform Social Media Startegy Works?

We often use social media to initially find the opportunities and then we take those conversations offline to help our clients book certain types of engagements or opportunities.

Case Study: Jason Greer

So, what does this look like in real life? Well, one of our clients, Jason Greer, provides diversity training

to work forces and using Twitter we actually helped Jason book six podcast guest appearances on nationally known podcasts that target those HR professionals. Now, some of those outcomes were pretty impressive. So, on the podcasts alone we know we reached over 170,000 individuals with just the podcasts which is pretty impressive in itself. And then in addition to that, we actually helped him grow his Twitter followers by over 500%.

Interested in Cross Platform Social Media Strategy?

That’s just one example though of how we can help a company use cross-media promotion to market their company. If you’d like to learn more reach out. I’d be happy to have a conversation with you!