Cross-Media Promotion

What it is Cross-Media Promotion?

Cross-media promotion means mixing various forms of media and marketing channels, like social media, traditional PR efforts, a website, a printed trade publication, and a TV appearance, to promote a company.

How does this look in real life? Here’s an example. We identify a targeted individual on social media and start a conversation with them on behalf of our client. That conversation can lead to things like TV appearances, guest blog posts, featured videos, being a podcast guest, featured in traditional media, such as a magazine, landing a paid speaking engagement, and many, many more outcomes.

After the above outcome happens, we then turn back to social media to promote the fruits of our labor, getting maximum exposure out of that first conversation that led to a major win, for our clients. This enables us to take a client from known, to remembered, and finally respected, by their target audience.

When doing this type of marketing, we find social media to be effective bookends to the process.

How Cross-Media Promotion Helps Brands

This avenue can help a company become THE subject matter expert in their industry. It can also provide quite a bit of brand exposure and awareness very quickly. We often find that this form of marketing can help a brand go from unknown to respected.

We’ve also found that once a client has been featured several times in cross-media channels, they will get higher-quality features. We help our clients “level up” and eventually get featured on the best of the best media and marketing channels that align with their targeted goals and objectives.

Who Cross-Media Helps?

We’ve found this to be especially useful for business to business services and products, as well as higher-end consumer products. If influencer marketing is not a fit, but your brand needs to reach the masses, this strategy often works well. It’s all about targeting, though, and making sure we’re working with the best media outlet fit for your brand’s and organization’s need.

While most businesses and brands can benefit from this work, it does not normally offer a quick turnaround, and should be an ongoing, consistent effort. This enables us to build a portfolio of media for our clients that will give them more credibility when approaching the next-level opportunities we discussed earlier.

We recommend a brand have 6 months of waiting time available to land their first feature.

How BeeSmart Social Media Delivers Cross-Media Promotion Services

In terms of what our service deliverables look like, we typically go through the follow process.

Strategy – who is the target audience, what is the message to that audience, where does that audience hang out, and what angles from our client’s brand will resonate most with the audience.

Research – Identify which outlets make the most sense, who we need to contact there, what type of content the outlet typically publishes, what are the fees associated (if any).

Pitch – Craft a unique pitch to each outlet, send pitches.

Content Generation – If the outlet requires specific content, we can create that content for our clients.

Follow Up – The name of the game in cross-media promotion, we handle this tedious and time-consuming process for your clients. We’ve sent the pitch on behalf of our client, and now we continuously and consistently follow up with our contacts there to see when our client’s brand might be featured.

Track Results before/after publications – We want to know the current state of our clients’ brand before they’re mentioned on a cross-media channel, and what happens after the mention. We have a variety of ways to track this to determine what’s working, and what’s not.

Daily Opportunities Review – Sometimes opportunities come across our desk that can often result in a quick win. We review those every day to see if there’s a fit.

If you’re wondering if cross media promotion might work for your company, please reach out to the BeeSmart team. We’re happy to discuss this option with you to determine if it’s the best, next step for your marketing strategy.