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Consumer-packaged goods marketing that balances branding with your bottom line.

When you’re looking for CPG social media marketing, there are a few things to consider. Your brand’s vision and your customer’s care are at the center of those considerations.

CPG Social Media Marketing That Wins Awards

In today’s digital age, CPG social media marketing requires a strategic approach in order to succeed. With the rising popularity of new social platforms, CPG brands have the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers with engaging content and targeted campaigns. However, success with CPG social media marketing requires a clear understanding of your target audience, as well as an understanding of the various platforms and their unique features.

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CPG Social Media Marketing is Ideal For…

  • Brands that don’t have the internal resources to focus on social media marketing.
  • CPG brands that want a team member that provides great customer service to YOUR customers.
  • Business owners who want an experienced partner handling their CPG social media marketing.
  • Entrepreneurs searching for a solution that will work within their marketing budget.

Our CPG social media marketing services are a good option for most brands.

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CPG Social Media Marketing Packages

Our CPG social media marketing services follow the pricing structure of our other social media and marketing services.

You can find the pricing on the following pages – all prices start at $249/month with no long-term contracts:

Why Choose Us for CPG Social Media Marketing Services?

We know how to connect with your customers. We’ve done it for over 15 years.

Our CPG social media marketing services were built with you in mind.

CPG Social Media MarketingBy building strong connections with your audience on multiple channels and monitoring performance metrics closely, CPG social media marketers can effectively engage their audiences and drive sales for their brands. With the right tools and strategies in place, CPG brands  can tap into the power of social media to help drive growth and achieve success.

And, with our 60-day cancellation policy, you can cancel our CPG social media marketing services at any time by giving us a 60-day notice. No questions asked.

BeeSmart’s team is here to help. With our unique approach to CPG social media marketing, we will help you build an online presence that’s worthy of your brand.

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CPG Social Media Marketing System

A customized marketing system designed for your business.

Step 1


You sign-up. No long-term commitments.

Step 2


We have a launch call to review brand questions and gain access to your accounts.

Step 3


We create the first 15-30 days of content for your review.

Step 4


Posts go live on your social media accounts and you sit back!

More about CPG Social Media Marketing

By leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, CPG social media marketing can help brands engage directly with their target audiences and build meaningful relationships with consumers. Contact us to learn more. 

CPG social media marketing is one of the fastest ways to not only reach new customers, but also ensure your existing customers are served well.

One key advantage of CPG social media marketing is that it allows companies to respond quickly to consumer feedback and adapt their strategies accordingly. Additionally, CPG social media marketing can be used to share special promotions, as well as create awareness around important issues like sustainability.

CPG social media marketing is an essential tool for reaching today’s increasingly connected consumers. As more people spend a significant portion of their time online, social media platforms have become incredibly valuable channels for connecting with existing and potential customers. Through CPG social media marketing, brands can build a strong online presence, interacting directly with users and fostering engaged communities around their products. With the right strategy and approach, brands can capitalize on the benefits of CPG social media marketing in order to connect with their target audiences and grow their business.

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